The Post Office

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The Post office is real important to Hawthorne, Florida because if it weren't for the Post office we wouldn't receive our mail. The Post office in Hawthorne is located on the corner of Johnson Street and NE 6th Ave. It is really kind of centrally located so that all the people who receive their mail there can easily access it. The lobby is always open 24 hours a day so that even the people who work late can get their mail any time of the day. The Post office also creates jobs for some people of the community.

I have found out that working in a post office would be exciting career through working with Mrs. Conn here at the school's Post office. We get to pretend to be post office employees. We have learned that there are a lot of jobs at a post office. Some of them are sorting, facing, delivering, head postmaster and mail clerk. I think if Hawthorne didn't have a Post office we, the community, would not be able to get our bills, mail, letters and correspondence from other people around the world. The Post Office's busiest time of the year is in December because of Christmas. People all over rely on the Post office to deliver Christmas presents and cards to the ones they love. The post office is a great asset to the city of Hawthorne.

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