The New Hope United Methodist Church moves to a new location to become a historical museum

Thanks to the efforts of HARC (Hawthorne Area Revitalization Committee), the old building that served as site for the United Methodist church (circa 1907) was moved today (4/17/97) to the lot situated next to the sheriff's office on Johnson Street.
"Power lines and street signs were brought down along U.S. 301 to make way for the church. The highway was closed for about two hours as the 90-year old church crept to its new home at Johnson Street and SE 4th Avenue, where it will be restored and turned into a historical and cultural museum for the city of Hawthorne." (The Gainesville Sun), April 18. 1997
According to the Sun (April 14, 1997)the church had been vacant since 1966, sitting behind the church's new building. The wood frame is a little warped and the paint has deteriorated. HARA was instrumental in procuring funds for the project, with a grant from the Florida Division of Historical Resources that took three years to materialize. Mrs. Jane Segal, president of Hawthorne's Chamber of Commerce and owner of a local real estate agency, spent a lot of time writing the grant and obtaining the funds for the project.
It is expected that the museum will be ready in about a year. It will include historical artifacts and pictures of Hawthorne. It will also host cultural events like piano and dance recitals.
Later... in 2002 ... the museum is a reality.
The church on US 301
About to turn!
Getting closer...
Mr. Greene knows his business
Church detail
Almost there...
Finally in its new location!
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