Miller's Supermarket

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I think Miller's Supermarket is important to Hawthorne, FL., because it helps the economy of the city. Miller's is located on the north side of Hawthorne on US 301. It is probably the biggest grocery store for miles. The store supplies all kinds of needs to the community. A lot of people that live in Hawthorne rely on Miller's. It's easily accessible to people who live nearby, too. We live in Melrose and sometimes we shop there because it’s not too far from our house. Also, Miller's gives employment to a lot of people who live in Hawthorne and connecting cities. It helps the economy because people work there and then they have money to spend in other places. Miller's Supermarket supplies a lot of needs in the community. They have all kinds of groceries, plus a delicatessen. They also rent videos so people in the community can enjoy entertainment and not have to drive into Gainesville or Ocala. I don't think Hawthorne would be as enjoyable if we didn't have Miller's Supermarket around. 

I like Miller’s because it is never crowed. The people are very nice to me. The prices are very low and affordable. Lots of people like Miller’s. There are lots of appetizing things to buy at Miller’s, food like corn, nutty bars....

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