Julio Sagreras CD Program Notes & Music Selection List

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Program Notes
Julio S. Sagreras Guitar Etudes from Book I.
1-Etudes 48-86 Book I
36-Etudes 1 and 3 Book II
38-Etudes 2 and 25 Book III
40-Etudes 1 and 9 Book IV
42-Etude #7 Mateo Carcassi
43-Etude #5
44- Simple Etudes-Leo Brouwer
Eudes I, II, III, IV,V and VI
50-Eduardo Martin Guitar Pieces I, II and III
53-February(from the Calendar)
57-French Popular Songs XVII Century Gaspar Sanz
Two Sonatas D. Scarlatti
58- Sonata in E K81/L271
59- Sonata in A K238/L238
60-Romanza Anonymous
61-Drume Negrita Bola de Nieve
62-Cancion Triste Carlos Farinas
Two Venezuelan Valses Antonio Lauro
63-Vals #3 and 64-Registro
In 1979 the Cuban guitar virtuoso, Juan Mercadal, first introduced me to the
works of Julio S. Sagreras. With Mr. Mercadal I studied books 4, 5, and 6,
as well as numerous studies by other great masters of the classical guitar.
I later incorporated the complete Sagreras Guitar Method into my private
teaching. Since then, I have had the joy of seeing several students
complete all six books and express to me their love and admiration for the
work of Julio Sagreras.

Sagreras provides the teacher with a very valuable collection of etudes.
These etudes most effectively help the guitarist develop technically as well
as musically. The pieces explore a vast variety of rhythms, tonalities, and
melodies. The music is organized in a gradual and logical order, and it
includes complete left- and right-hand fingerings, position indications,
dynamics, and other helpful markings.

In this recording I have included all the melodious pieces (etudes) from
book 1 as well as others from books 2 and 3. The Julio S. Sagreras guitar
etudes teach us that it is possible to make beautiful music at any level of
guitar playing, and they serve as an inspiration for students of all levelsto
pursue the more advanced virtuoso pieces found in books 4, 5, and 6.

Raymond Lohengrin


Price only $12.00 plus S&H

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