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Raymond Lohengrin

guitar teacher

Raymond Lohengrin teaches three Guitar Level I classes for the University of Florida Leisure Courses.

Read what the students think about this Guitar Course and Mr. Lohengrin's teaching.

Would you recommend this course to a friend?

Why or why not:

1. I realy enjoyed the instructor and learned even more than I expected.
2. Excellent instructor
3. Even though I'm not done with the class, I know I am learning a bunch and
improving my skills each week.

4. I would absolutely recomend this course to anyone interested in learning how
to play the guitar no matter how inexperienced they are. The instructor was
awesome. His enthusiasm and knowledge made the course 10 times better
than I imagined it would be. I am learning way more than I expected.
5. It was a TON of fun, and Raymond is absolutely amazing and funny! He is such

a great guitar teacher! Also1 the price of the class and lab fees is very
affordable and fair.
6. It has good coverage of guitar basics. After this course, you can decide in which direction you choose to continue your studies.
7, Good for a beginers course

Additional comments concerning the course or instructor:

1. He was wonderful!
2. The best.
3. Mr Lohengrin is a fabulous instructor. He not only makes the material clear and
fun, but he shows amazing enthusiam for teaching and a wide knowlege of guitar.
I am in his third class he teaches back to back and yet he still is exited and ready
to teach when we arrive.
4. He's fantastic!
5. Maybe make the courses a couple weeks longer? As I said before, Raymond was
an excellent, very enthusiastic teacher!
6. He was very enthusiastic, but was obviously exhausted by the time the last class had started. And very thirsty. He was very patient, and made sure that everyone had good form and a good grasp of what he was looking for before moving on.

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