FRIENDS CD Program Notes & Music Selection List

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Program Notes for the FRIENDS CD

"Sound, as it occurs in nature and sound as music has captivated man throughout time. Man has learned to use sound vibrations to explore the depth of the sea (sonar) and has also used the vibrating quartz in our precise mod

ern electronic timing devices. But modern man has yet torealize the healing power of music".

 The music on this album includes the first recording of these guitar compositions by Cuban composer Eduardo Mart°n. Here, Cuban Jazz guitarist Jorge Chicoy improvises over the "Easy Pieces". The "Easy Pieces" or Guitar Etudes can be considered a link between the classical and popular guitar styles. These pieces contain very interesting melodies and effective technique study formulas. The "Easy Pieces" are followed with a solo by J. Chicoy playing a piece by french composer Django Reinhardt.

The second part of the recording continues with the "Songs of the Calendar" also by E. Mart°n.

The last portion of the program includes original compositions for flute and guitar by Raymond Lohengrin. The printed scores of these works are available directly from Guitar Works.



Eduardo Mart°n

"Easy Pieces" ( Guitar Etudes ) *

J. Chicoy (jazz guitar) & R. Lohengrin (classical guitar)


1- Etude I

2- Etude II

3- Etude III "to Galy B. Mart°n"

4- Etude IV "to Angel Vazquez Millares"

5- Etude V "to Jesus Ortega"

6- Etude VI "to Isaac Nicola"

7- Etude VII "to Tony Basanta"

8- Etude VIII "to Raymond Lohengrin"

9- Etude IX "to Cristina Perez Madiedo"

10- "Nuages" Django Reinhardt ( J. Chicoy-guitar solo)

-"Songs of the Months" by Eduardo Mart°n **

(R. Lohengrin solo guitar )

11-January, 12-February, 13-March, 14-April,15- May, 16-June, 17-July, 18-August


"Songs of the Months" cont.

19-September, 20-October, 21-November and 22-December

23-" Drume Negrita " I. Villa

24- "Canci¢n Triste" ( Sad Song) C. Fari§as

- Original Compositions by Raymond Lohengrin **

25-a) Incense

26-b) Child's Dance

27-c) Smiles' Light

28-d) Rocio

29-e) Soaring in Love


** Scores for these compositions are published and available from Guitar Works.

* Recorded for the first time.

Total Duration of the CD 60 Min.

 This recording was produced at Guitar Works of Gainesville Florida. Original Compositions by R. Lohengrin and E. Martin are Copyrighted. Scores for these compositions are published and available from Guitar Works.

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