African Methodist Episcopal, (A.M.E.)

Reid Temple A.M.E.
Information provided by Roosevelt Jennings

Christian Fellowship

Christian Fellowship Of Itzehoe, Germany
We are a small, but growing church in the northern part of Germany about 35 miles north-west of Hamburg. The pastor of the CG Itzehoe (Christliche Gemeinschaft) is Jason Stover, a born american that has been living in Germany now for 8 years. Our goal is to preach all the gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples in our region of Germany.
Information provided by Jason Stover

Assemblies of God

First Assembly AG

We believe that Jesus reigns.

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Mt. Zion Pentecostal Holiness Church

Our church is pentecostal holiness church that believes inpreaching and teaching the whole counsel of God, but above all else, we believe we must also live what we preach. We believe in the sanctifying power of God's Word and the Holy Ghost. Our motto is, "Holiness Is Right, Even If You Don't Live It."

Information provided by Pastor F. A. Jones.

Word of Life

Spirit-filled, loving, worshipping church.

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Pilgrim Wesleyan Church of Philadelphia (L-Eglise Wesleyenne des Pelerins)
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