The History of Grand Central

Grand Central Progressive Missionary Baptist Church was organized on August 19, 1959 by the District Missionary and moderator of the Union Foreign Association, Reverend C.J. Walker. This took place at the Mt. Zion Christian Church located on Harrision Ave South in St. Petersburg, Florida. After a few years, the church decided to purchase the old Mt. Zion Church building located on Union Steet and 13th Ave South. After a few years, the church grew and progressed under the leadership of Reverend Samuel Williamson, his assistant, Reverend F.D. Williams, and Reverend James Paris, the Associate Minister. After the mortage paid off at that site, Rev. Williamson had a desire to purchase a larger and more adequate place of worship. The Spirit of the Almighty God led him one night to just ride around, and during his riding around, he saw this abandon building.

The members and many of Rev Williamsonıs friends did not think that it was a wise task for him to clear and renovate the building. But Rev. Williamson took on the task anyway, and with the help of God Almighty and determination, worshipping began to take place in the rear, what is now the dining area. On the 3rd Sunday in May, 1967, we held out first service in the santuary of the building. God has been good to us the entire way.

There were others to thank for our success, Rev. Houston, Rev. Thomas, Rev. L.C. Daniels, and Rev. Lonnie Mills.

We are grateful to God for the way that he has brought us and kept us together for 37 glorious years.

Pastor Williamson retired as pastor after 35 years of service to Grand Central Progressive Missionary Baptist Church in March of 1994. In that same year, the Lord sent Rev. Clarke Hazley, Sr. and in with the help of our heavenly father in November of 1994, Rev. Clarke Hazley was installed as Pastor of Grand Central Progressive Missionary Baptist Church.

Our Officers are as Follows: