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Please Call and urge your Representative to Cosponsor HR1138, a bill "To prohibit the conveyance of property at Naval Station, Long Beach, California, to a commercial shipping company owned or controlled by a foreign country. That such legislation is even necessary says a lot about the state of THIS UNION! Reproduced with permission of:

Gene Gene Crocker,Ph.D.
March 20, 1997
Treason at Long Beach
Draft 6

Treason is occurring at Long Beach California. This is treason not in the legal sense , where it takes two witnesses during a war, but in the old fashion sense "of doing real harm to our country." It runs from the White House thru the US Department of Commerce, thru the United States Navy and the US Housing Authority to the City Government of Long Beach California. This act of treason is the result of our present system of campaign financing. What ever the public reasons that these government bodies give for leasing the former Long Beach Navel Base to the Chinese Communist Government, the net effect will be to create a malignant cancer that will pour deadly poisons into our country. The facts are all on the internet. Long Beach is just the tip of an iceberg. Chinese Communist influence and accomplishments are spread throughout our country. This is Treason!

Fact 1. Reversals of US Trade Policy during the last five years and other Chinese Communist accomplishments. 1. An end to the 30 year trade embargo with Viet Nam. 2. De-emphasis of the MIA/POW problem with Viet Nam by the President.. 3. Normalization of relations with Viet Nam by the US Government. 4. Rescinding of the Tinanamen Square Trade Sanctions against China. 5. Most Favored Nation Trade Status for China by the US Congress. 6. "advance knowledge of America's negotiating positions in trade and economic talks as well as access to trade deals subsidized by America.". 7. On March 13, 1995, Mickey Kantor, US Trade Representative, announced that the US will sponsor China as a founding member of the World Trade Organization. News Release 3/13/95, US Trade Representative's Office. 8. Over $40 Billion dollars in Trade Surplus in one year(1996) with the United States . That had help from our Government and a small slice of US Big Business. 9. Control of Long Beach Naval Base,. a major port on the west coast . If the Chinese Communists choose, they can conduct intelligence operations, import weapons and drugs to the United States to further social unrest, and/or import biological or nuclear weapons to the US by sea. 10. Use of the new Southern California International Airport (SCIA), the former George AFB (another closed air base, near Victorville California. SCIA has declared a US Foreign Trade Zone. If the Chinese Communists choose, they can now conduct intelligence operations, import weapons and drugs to the United States to further social unrest, and/or import biological or nuclear weapons to the US by air. And while doing so, can conduct trade with with little or no tariffs and custom inspections. 11. Da Zhong Hua, a 1 million sq ft complex in Adalento, California near Victorville, is being built at a cost of $60 million by the Chinese Communists for retail/wholesale trade/distribution center. It will employ and house 1000 plus Chinese Communist Nationals and their families. It is being built just a few miles from the new Southern California International Airport. It will be used to distribute Chinese Communist goods to the US and North and South America. The Daily Press, Jan, March 1997 (Victorville). 12 .Use of the new Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport in Benton County, Arkansas, with an additional business complex being built to the tune of $106 millions. This is the Tyson Foods/Walmart/Lippo Deal. $21 million is supplied by the taxpayer via the US FAA grants. Arkansas Business Online, March 18, 1997. The American Spectator Online, March 1997. 13. The Port of Charleston has been designated the Atlantic Port for COSCO. The Port is undergoing a multimillion dollar construction program to accomodate huge cargo carriers. Charleston Port has a designated US Foreign Trade Zone. COSCO in agreement with a Japanese (K-Line) and a Tiawan Carrier(Yang Ming) will put an estimated 50 ships a year into Charleston. Press Release, Port of Charleston, Jan 9, 1997 14. Control of the Pacific and Atlantic ports anchoring the Panama Canal. Port Holdings Ltd, an arm of Hutchinson Wampoa Ltd, has leased Cristobal and Balboa for 25 years. Clinton removed most of our troops in 1995 from the zone. Clinton's Administration policy is that we can defend the Canal from Florida. The Washington Times, 3/19/97.

Fact 2. Long Beach Naval Base is a major deep water port on the west coast where the worlds largest ships and aircraft carriers can be docked. It can hold most of our Pacific Fleet. The US Taxpayer recently spent a reported $50 million to modernize it in the last decade. Expecting to ride out the base closures in 1994, it came as a surprise to all but a few, that Long Beach Naval Base was closed.The base is located a few minutes from the giant Macdonnel Douglas Research/Production Complex where major stealth fighter research and production occurrs, The base is located within minutes to a few hours Edwards Air Force Base, (top secret Air Force and NASA testing), China Lake Navel Weapons Test Center (top secret Navy Weapons Test Center), Point Magu Naval Weapons Center, Vandenberg Air Force Base (top secret missile and rocket research), Fort Irwin (the most advanced Tank Training Facility in the world), Nellis AFB (home of the most advanced tactical fighters in the world), Top Secret Area 51 (home of our stealth ???), Camp Pendleton (one of the two Marine Corps training facilities), the Navy Seal Base ( top secret and covert activity training), Miramar Naval Air Station (Top Gun), and El Toro Marine Air Station (vertical assult helicopter training operations) which is moving after closure south of Long Beach. Fact 3. The Leasing of Long Beach Naval Base. The Chinese Communist Government are leasing 134 acres of the Long Beach Naval Base and the adjacent 11 acre Terminal Island where a federal prison complex is located, from the City of Long Beach. It plans to level most of the existing structures and build what is necessary to expedite whatever it plans to import into the United States. The City of Long Beach is spending a reported $200 million dollars to improve railroad and freeway infrastructure and level most of the base as part of the deal. CNNfn May 17, 1996. The leasing body is COSCO, or the China Ocean Shipping Company who will pay a reported $14.5 million for 10 years. ($200m-$145m = $55million +interest the taxpayer pays). COSCO will employ an estimated 300 plus people. There was no estimate given of the Chinese Communist Nationals it will employ.

COSCO is an international conglomerate owned and controlled by the Chinese Communist Government. It has recently sold $160 million of commerical paper to American Banks and Investment Houses to finance this deal and other deals in the US. One of COSCOs senior overseas honorary advisors is General Alexander Haig, Jr. former US Secretary of State. In the Cargo Newsletter, COSCO has stated that it plans to start a barge ferry service to Mexico.

The leasing of Long Beach Naval base to the Chinese Communists was quietly presented to the public as a done deal (CNN fn May 1996) without going through the normal process of leasing public property. It was never given out for public bid. And our top security agencies were not consulted about Long Beach Naval Base being leased by the Chinese Communists! Even the local Coast Guard station had not been informed.

COSCO Los Angeles Address China Ocean Shipping Company: Manager: Mr. Li Chaun Min 606 Olive Street, Suite 1100 Los Angeles, CA 90014 213-689-6700 v ~ 213-627-2804 f

COSCO Domestic Senior Honorary Advisors Mr. Bo Yibo,Former Executive Deputy Director of the Central Advisory Commission of the Communist Party of China, Mn. Chen Muhua, Vice Chairman, Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress Mr. Ye Fei, Former Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress as well as Mr. Gu Mu, Mr. Ji Pengfei, Mr. Yuan Baohua, Mr. Zheng Hongye, and Mr. Li Yining.

COSCO Overseas Senior Honorary Advisors General Alexander Haig, Jr., Former United States Secretary of State, John F. McGillicuddy, Former CEO of the Chemical Bank of the United States, as well as Sir Edward Heath, Sakurauchi Yoshio, and C.C. Lee

Fact 4: The LA Times 3/11/97 reports that COSCO has received a $138 million dollar loan guarantee from the US Government to build 4 Chinese ships in Alabama.

Fact 5: According to the Press Release of Associated Press on March 8, 1997, COSCO ships have been involved in the following recent incidents in the United States: Oakland California: Summer 1996, Smuggling of 2000 AK47s on a COSCO ship. These may be the same weapons destined for Miami Street Gangs.

New Orleans: Dec 96, COSCO ship injures 116 people. Alleged mechanical failure. COSCO fined (1992), $400,000 for paying kickbacks. US Coast Guard, 1996, 6 COSCO ships detained for violating International Safety Regulations. Summer 1996, China promised to punish COSCO for carrying 640 tons of waste from the US to China where it was dumped.

Fact 6: Pentagon Spokesman's Briefing, 3/11/97. "The China Ocean Shipping Company has been in Long Beach for about 15 years.,,,,she (the Mayor) would consider this a huge benefit for the City of Long Beach to have a contract with COSCO."

Fact 7. The US State Dept. Human Rights Report issued in January 1997 states that China wiped out public dissent against the communist regime last year through torture, mistreatment of prisoners, forced confessions and other classic abuses of power (executions) by the Chinese Government, CNN/Jan 30, Steve Hurst.

Fact 8. The use of automatic AK47s by street gangs is on the rise. The latest incident occurred in Los Angeles when a Bosnian Serb and his associate died after wounding 9 police officers , 16 civilians and 1 dog with fully automatic AK47s. The police had to borrow semi-automatic weapons from a gun shop to prevail in that fire fight against the AK47s. Los Angeles Times, March 1997.

Fact 9: The Chinese Government is one of the worlds leading sellers of Weapons Three officials with Poly Technologies, the main Chinese Communist Weapons Company, were charged with selling and shipping 2000 automaticAK47s to the underworld by the FBI, in May, 1996 in Miami. CNN Dec 20th 1996.

Fact 10. Poly Technologies: Poly Technologies Group is the top arms exporting firm for the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army. The Chairman of Poly Technologies is a Chinese Communist National named Wan Jun. Wan Jun attended a reception at the White House on Feb 6, 1996 (after meeting with Ron Brown on the same day). At that time he is alleged to have given two manila envelopes containing $639,000 to Clinton's defense fund. After Fact 9. occurred three months later, Clinton's Lawyers announced that donations of $600,000 did not meet the guidelines and would return the money. Wan Jun has brokered China's largest arm deals including that $1 billion dollar deal selling Chinese arms (including international ballistic missiles) to Saudi Arabia. Wan Jun's sponsor to attend the reception was a man named "Charlie" Yah Lin Trie (who also arranged his visa and his white house pass. CNN/All Politics, Dec 18, 1996, US Veteran Dispatch

Fact 11. New - Smuggled Guns Linked to Long Beach: San Diego Union Tribune, 3/14/97. Two cargo shipping containers holding thousands of grenade launchers and M-2 carbines. The largest source for M-2s outside the US military is Viet Nam (We left a few in the depots there.) The containers were labeled "strap hangers" and "hand tools". Discovered by accident, they had already been shipped from Long Beach to a warehouse in Otay Mesa waiting for transhipment. US Customs state that only 1 cargo shipping container in 80 is inspected and those containers that are placed "in Bond" for transhipment to another country are not inspected at all,

Fact 12. "Charlie" Yah Lin Trie: Charlie is an acknowledged close personal "friend" of Bill Clinton and is a member of the DNC's National Finance Board, a group composed of those who have raised or donated at least $350,000 to the DNC. Trie once ran Clinton's favorite chinese cafe in Little Rock and is alleged to have connections with the Worthen Bank of Little Rock. Charlie is also linked to that controversial Buddhist Church fund raiser. Charlie is now an international business man who spends much of his time in Communist China. One of Charlie's companies, San Kin Yip International (SKY), exports advanced technology and factory building tools and imports alleged Chinese prison and military manufactured textiles and rugs. His Little Rock firm, Daihatsu International Trading, represents 30 companies from US, China and Hong Kong. Charlie is presently abroad and has instructed his attorney to refuse all summons. CNN/All Politics, Dec 18, 1996., AmSpec, March 1997.

Fact 13. Johnny Chung : Johnny Chung is a long time "associate" with access to Bill Clinton. He acted as the donor of $366,000 which was later returned by the DNC. He brought 6 chinese visitors to see President Clinton and they got to listen to one of Clinton's radio broadcasts. CNN. AP points out that one of those visitors was an official of COSCO. Chung was also got an invitation for a different chinese arms dealer (also implicated in Miami, (Norinco??) to have "a cup of coffee with the President". AP and CNN All Politics.

Fact 14. The Chinese Communist Connection with the Riady Lippo Group: The Worthen Bank of Little Rock (now Boatmans Bank of Little Rock) was purchased in 1984 by Mochtar Riady, the head of an Indonesian Corporation called the Lippo Group. Riady then gained control of the Hong Kong Chinese Bank (HKCB). In mid Nov 1992, the China Resources Holding Company (a company owned and controlled by the Chinese Communist Peoples Liberation Army) which had held 15% of the HKCB, bought 35% more of HKCB stock. It is alleged that the China Resources Holding Company is a front for Chinese Communist Military Intelligence. This was reported in the US Veteran Dispatch and The London Sunday Times. In 1992, the Worthen Bank made a loan of $3 million plus to Clinton's cash strapped campaign. (I haven't been able to find out wheither this loan was ever repayed.) The Lippo Group has many "business" partnerships with Communist China and does billions of dollars each year with China and Viet Nam. The homepage of the Lippo Group lists the Bankers Trust Company (USA) and Stephens Inc (USA) along with several Japanese Banks as joint venture partners.

Riady's main bank in the United States is the Bank Central Asia where he does business in New York and Los Angeles. Lippo bought Southern California's Bank of Trade and renamed it the Lippobank. The Hong Kong Chinese Bank of PLA fame was into partnership with First Union Bank of North Carolina. (Note: Disney Productions recently learned that you do business with China "China's Way" or you don't do business with China. To their credit, Disney canceled the proposed Theme Park in China and went ahead with its film on Tibet.)

Fact 15. What the Lippo Group Got for Itself and Indonesia. Moctar Riady is one of the principle financial advisors to the Suharto family which controls Indonesia. Clinton appointed Maria Luisa Haley as President of the taxpayer financed Import-Export Bank. Haley is the ex-wife of John Haley co-defendent of former Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker in a case involving a cable TV franchaise in Jakarta, Indonesia. Jim Giroir, former head of Rose Law firm, is reputed to have set this deal set up.

James Riady (Moctar's son) has received a $900 million letter of credit from the Import-Export Bank for a Lippo project. It is unclear wheither this is for the Chinese Power Plant or there is another billion dollar project in the works that James is discussing with the Import-Export Bank.(Power plant in Northern China by Lippo.) The named construction firm is Entergy Group out of Little Rock.

Giroir still represents Lippo and has brokered ventures between Tyson Foods to improve the sale of Tyson Chickens in the far east. The Clinton Administration is providing $21million to build a huge airport Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport in unpopulated Northern Arkansas for Tyson/Lippo to ship chickens and Walmart to import Communist Chinese Goods. Tyson Foods and Walmart have been big contributers to the DNC and Clinton.

Indonesia invaded and conquered East Timor, an independent island nation with a democratic government that was never a part of Indonesia. Over 200,000 people were killed. In February of 1994, US Trade Representative Mickey Kantor suspended a review of Indonesian human rights violations in East Timor. This allowed Indonesia to keep its trade privileges with the US ~ $ 600 million a year. Clinton has also approved sales of F-16 fighters to Indonesia.

Fact 16.. The Lippo Group and Campaign Contributions: People associated with the Riady Lippo Group poured money like water into the Clinton Campaign. (A $250,000 "retainer" from Lippo was given to Web Hubbell after he resigned his position as US Assistant Attorney General.) The DNC has announced it will return over $3 million in questionable contributions - most of it associated with the Lippo Group. That is, of course, when it raises the money to do it. John Huang has been one of the principle money funnels for the Lippo Group.

Fact 17. John Huang: The center of interest in this campaign finance/spy scandal is John Huang. Huang was born in mainland China. In 1984, John Huang was an employee of the Hong Kong Chinese Bank and later did a stint at the Worthen Bank of Little Rock. He once headed the "Lippo Group, West Coast" headquarters. He is another "long time friend" of Bill and Hilary Clinton and has provided major financial support for Clinton in both presidential campaigns. Huang was appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary for Trade in July 1994 during Ron Brown's tenure. He was "exempted" from a FBI security investigation (required by law for all foreign born nationals in that position) and granted a "Top Secret Security Clearance" without an investigation.. He was allowed to keep that "Top Secret Security Clearance" for a year after he left the commerce dept. ??? Phone records show he was in constant contact with the Riady Lippo Group during his time at the commerce dept office. Records also show that he was a frequent visitor to the White House where he was a key advisor to Clinton on matters related to Indonesia and influenced Clinton on matters relating to China and Viet Nam. Huang worked closely with a man called Ira Magaziner who has been cited as the principle architect of Clinton's ProChina Policy. (The American Spectator Online) Huang is alleged to be under intense investigation by the FBI and has taken the Fifth. CNN/All Politics

Fact 18. John Huang's California Political Contributions: Garry South, Chief of Staff for California's Lt. Governor Gray Davis is reported to have said "I doubt that you'll find a major Democratic figure in California who doesn't have a contribution from John Huang."In 1988, Huang gave Gray Davis $5000 and Lippo Bank owner Jame Riady (son of Moctar) spent $5,099 hosting a Davis fund raiser. Elected California officials who are known to have received money from Huang are: Senator Diane Finestein $4,000, Lt. Governor Gray Davis $16,750, Kathleen Brown $18,500, David Roberti 13,300, former Sectretary of State March Fong Eu $4000, former Lt. Governor Leo McCarthy. $4,000, State Treasurer Matt Fong $10,000 and the Democratic Party State Central Committee $10,000.

Senator Feinstein is returning $12,000 that she received in 1994 from Lippo employees and their wives. Senator Barbara Boxer is known to have received contributions from Haung also. John Huang and his wife are known to have contributed at least $57,000 to California State candidates in the last 10 years. In 1992, David Roberti, then pro temp of the State Senate, appointed Huang to California's World Trade Council. California Election contributions are open to all to investigate. Political Report, Reform Party, 3/12/97.

(Richard Gephardt is returning $22,000 linked to the Lippo Group. The names of the contributors were John and Jane Huang, Charles and Susan DeQueljoe, Joseph Sund, Agus Setiawan, David Yeh, Susanto Widjaja, Yue F. Chu, Keshi Zhan and Pauline Kanchalanak.)

Fact 19. The "Old Man": Even more interesting than John Huang is Dr. Chiao Jen Wang, President and Chairman of the International Corporation of America. Dr. Wang retired from his position as director of the Office of Advanced Engineering at the top top secret Defense Advanced Research Development Agency (DARPA) in 1972. Dr. Wang then went into business for himself "selling US high technology to China". It was Dr. Wang who brokered the McDonnell-Douglas deal with communist China to teach the chinese how to build airplanes. Dr. Wang has been so sucessful selling US high technology that he is ranked as one of the largest contributors to the DNC. Since 1992, Wang has given almost $400,000 to the DNC and Clinton. At Dr. Wang's suggestion, he was appointed to the 25 member "President's Export Council." All of whom are big contributors to the DNC and most of whom, do extensive business with Communist China. AmSpect 3/97

Fact 20. Another interesting figure is Lim Goh Tong a Malaysian Chinese gambling tycoon. Lim put up $55 million seed money for Connecticuts Mashantucket Pequot tribe Foxwood Casino when nobody would touch it. The Foxwood Management Co gave around $400,000 in 1993-1994 to the DNC..AmSpect 12/96.

Fact 21. The White House Connection: President Clinton twice met with Long Beach Officials to push forward the Chinese Communists leasing of Long Beach Naval Base. Once in Washington in 1995, and the second time in Long Beach in 1996. In the White House meeting, Clinton shook hands and told his subordinates to do what they could do to assist in the leasing of Long Beach Naval Base to the Communist Chinese,. Present at this meeting, among others was Carmen Perez, vice president of the Long Beach Harbor Association and a former vice president of the DNC. This deal has been approved by the Navy and the number 2 Pentagon Official. (It is unknown what role General Haig played in the Pentagon approval). This deal went forward without a national security review as is normal. Our top security agencies were not consulted about Long Beach Naval Base being leased by the Chinese Communists! Associated Press March 8, 1997.

Fact 22. London Sunday Times: On November 10, 1996, the London Sunday Times reported that Clinton's fund raising scandal "appears to have been a stunning intelligence coup by China" Chinese agents were able to "take advantage of lax security procedures and a pattern of corruption in the Clinton administration" to gain "advance knowledge of America's negotiating positions in trade and economic talks as well as access trade deals subsidized by America." This report by the London Sunday Times was echoed by the US Veteran Dispatch in their Jan-Feb 1997 edition.

Fact 23: William Safire: The New York Times Columnist William Safire on Jan 2, 1997 warned " You don't have to be a conspiracy nut to recognize that China needs not only to learn trade secrets, but also to discover - perhaps even influence - US government trade policy and negotiating positions that directly effect the $35 billion balance of trade surplus essential to the growth of China's military and economic power."

Fact 24: China has an unbelievable bad record for trade "dumping" and trade "piracy" for American and European products. For example, Nintendo estimated that it has lost $800 million through China's piracy. (Multiple Sources) Dean Kleckner, President of the American Farm Bureau Federation, a private organization, stated China should live up to the rules that are there and not just to promise to live up to them after they are allowed to join the WTO. AFBF, News Release 11/12/96.

Draft 6, Addendum 1: Treason at Long Beach

Fact: 25 Chinese Communists have gained control of the Panama Canal Ports

In February 1997, the Panama Goverment awarded Port Holdings Ltd a 25 year lease to operate the ports that anchor the Panama Canal on the Atlantic (Cristobal) and Pacific (Balboa) Oceans. These ports once proudly flew the flag of the United States Navy. Port Holdings Ltd. is an arm of Hutchinson Wampoa Ltd., a firm which dominates Hong Kong's Ports. The company operates several terminals in Southern China. Members of Hutchinson's Board of Directors "consult" with COSCO. Hutchinson and COSCO have partnered on several projects in China and other parts of Asia. The lease starts 3/1/97

Several US companies complained about the "irregularities" in the award of the bid. Greg Mastel, vice president of the Economic Strategy Institute stated "In China, like so many countries, money buys influence. A lot of countries, not just Asian, are open to that kind of strategy." Lorraine Woellert, The Washington Times, 3/19/97.

John J. Tierney Jr. a visiting fellow at The Heritage Foundation, stated in Executive Memorandum # 426, dated August 21, 1995, "On March 29, 1995, the Clinton Administration announced the transfer of America's military headquarters in Latin America, Southern Command, from Panama to Miami, Florida. This decision fulfills the 1977 Panama Treaty's commitment that all US troops be evacuated by December 31, 1999. It also reflects the Clinton's Administration view that the Canal can be defended without the presence of US forces in Panama."

By the end of 1997, the Clinton Administration will have reduced the American Military to 4,410 in Panama. Central American News.

Fact: 26 Alexander Haig Lobbies for Communist China Last year, when the Chinese Communists threatened to level Southern California (that includes Long Beach and Victorville) General Haig got on the phone urging congressmen "not to take any rash steps against Communist China, especially regarding trade." Haig is listed by COSCO as an "Overseas Honorary Senior Advisor". Haig's spokeman Sherwood Goldberg, who is also his business associate, said that Haig is paid "a minor honorarium." "Minor Honorariums" paid to other former senior US officials by Communist China have been reported to go as high as $1 million for just a visit. Haig is known to have visited China many times since he became COSCO's employee in 1993. One visit occurred (with pictures of Haig and Communist Leaders) just four months after Tiananmen Square.

An official said numerous Republican members of Congress were contacted by Haig, but were reluctant to discuss the calls because of Haig's prominence. Those who described the calls "said Haig spoke in support of China's Most Favored Nation trading status and otherwised urged moderation in dealing with Communist China." Among those who say they were called by Haig are Rep Gerald Solomon (NY) and Rep. Christopher Cox (Ca). Haig is not registered as an agent of the Communist Chinese as required by law for people who lobby for a foreign power. Marc Kaufman, 3/19/97, The Philidelphia Enquirer.

The US Navy is putting on hold transfering ownership of Long Beach Naval Base to the City of Long Beach pending security investigations . This has been done at the request of two California Congressmen Duncan Hunter and Randy Cunningham. (Hunter has introduced a bill HR 1138 to stop the lease to foreign countries) As late as 3/18/97, the Long Beach City Council was still determined to go through with the signed lease. The Mayor of Long Beach, Mrs O'Neill, made the statement " with Communist China is not my responsibility. It is the responsibility of the government." How different is this position compared to that taken by a little man, a boy really, who kept stepping in front of a tank at Tiananmen Square. That act was the highest expression of the human spirit . The Mayor's support of the Chinese Communist's leasing of Long Beach Naval Base is simply a disgrace. The Mayor's actions and the actions of those mentioned above may or may not have criminal or treasonous intent. Some of then, may even have the best of intentions. Others may simply wanted to make a buck. These people either have defective judgement or lack the necessary information. The others? They have committed treason or espionage for a foreign country.

The conclusion of treason is my opinion. I have no new or secret sources. The above facts are all on the web and most of them have been in the news media. If I and my friends can find the above facts on the internet, what can you find? There is a lot more, that is not mentioned here. Many of the not above unmentioned allegations are from only one source and some of those sources were very questionable.. I urge you to be careful in your allegations and your statement of what is a fact. Do not take treason lightly. Saying that, I have also concluded that "Treason at Long Beach" is just the tip of an iceberg. From the facts, appears the pattern. I don't have to spell it out. You can see it above. Below are a few Urls to get you started. Check it out. If you find a fact, let me know about it. Better yet, email it to Rep. Bob Barr, Senator Fred Thompson and Senator John Glenn as well as to the press. Let the pros check it out. One other thing, the next time some one states that "There is no need for real campaign finance reform."., or asks "What can I do about my governments actions?"~ Please give them this paper. If they still want to know what to do, tell them to rise to the occasion and supply their own answer. You know, we really are not sheep or numbers. Our country is our responsibility.

With Highest Regards My Fellow Citizens.

Gene Crocker

Nick Ivanovich, National Coordinator

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