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Constitution for the United States of America Includes the Preamble to the Bill of Rights
The United States Flag Title 4 USC 1 Specifications: Official Proportions of the U. S. Flag
Citizens Rule Book***JURY HANDBOOK*** "The Fireworks are in the Document Itself: Read the Constitution!"
Magna Carta Translation of the Foundation of English Law
Liberty, Justice For All The Historical Documents: Where it all began.
Scanned Originals of Early American Documents
The Avalon Project Alphabetical List Collection of historic documents in HTML format
Bouvier's Law Dictionary Index of alphabetically hyperlinked text files
James Kent: Commentaries on American Law  The most popular reference of the 19th century
The Holy Bible FTP Index of  the Books of the King James Version in HTML format
The Christian Common Law Institute NEW! "Voices from Christian America" Formerly The North Bridge News
Natural Law and Natural Rights Why Every Tyranny Fails- Essay (Must Read)
Forfeiture in England and Colonial America Excellent Read  Forfeiture is only a recent development in America
The United States is Still a British Colony Some would say that this is little out for lunch, but the documentation speaks for itself. Online copies of the early treaties between the Crown and the Federal government.
Jural Society "Dedicated to restoring the Republic through God, information & technology."
Legal Research Ring "Let's do legal research on Internet!"
Florida Statutes and Constitution Online Sunshine: Hypertexted Versions
Florida Legal and Law Links Florida Statutes, Codes, Regulations & Court Cases. Excellent Legal Information Source
In Your Face "THE haven for dissidents, fighters and freemen. The law helps the vigilant, before those who sleep on their rights."
Colorful Cobbler "Not Born To Be Forced"  Legal Links  Paralegal Services  Old-Fashioned Boot Rebuilding,  Renegade Leather Studio
APS - Pro Se Help "American Professional Services provides self-defense legal resources for people who want, or need, to represent themselves in the U.S. courts."
Sovereignty Workshop Recapture your liberty by asserting your rights as a citizen of one of the several states. Clearly explained with lots of interesting zip files for download
State Citizens Service Center Research Headquarters Has the Legal Texts from Richard McDonald's BBS (Zipped)
The Lawgiver "... created for people who want to learn the foundations of Law, without which it is impossible to win in the State and Federal court systems."
U.S. Supreme Court Supreme Court Decisions since 1990 plus selected older decisions.
Taxgate - Income Tax Law & News That You Can Live And Work With... Fantastic Amount of Free Information Available!
BeCraft Briefs The Dixieland Law Journal Writings on Money, Taxes, Treaties and Jurisdictions
Dr. Tavel's Self-Help Legal Clinic and Sovereign Library is the homepage of Liberty's Educational Advocacy Forum, Indiana's Fully Informed Jury Association, Inc.
FindLaw: International Law: WWW Sites and Other Internet Resources
Government Secrecy Federation of American Scientists : Executive Orders, Presidential Directives
U.S. House of Representatives - Internet Law Library - Federal Register
Search Executive Orders White House On-Line Library
Legal Headlines From the Law Journal Extra!
State Law  Index of Legal Websites From Some of the Individual States
CAFRs Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR), state governments
Substantive Law on the Web
The 'LECTRIC Law Library's Entrance Fun Site
Internet Legal Resource Guide
Ill Eagle Paralegal Services Club
Larry Becraft Constitutional Attorney Text File Briefs and Articles
Supreme Law Firm Check the Library!
LawLinks - Law Library The Internet Legal Resource Center
Legal Information Institute Cornell Law School
The Law Source
FIJA: Fully Informed Jury Association Home Page
Free Exercise of Religion
Freedom of Expression Links
Human and Civil Rights Organizations
Coalition to Reform Money Summarizes what's wrong with the Federal Reserve
The Buck Act of 1940 How the Federal Government Deceitfully Gets Jurisdiction Over You and Everything You Own.
Virginia Revised Statutes 1819 Facsimile and Text of the Suppressed 13TH Amendment- Lawfully Ratified
The Admiralty Courts of Today Where's the Water? Constitution is Past Tense!
War and Emergency Powers How They Managed to Suspend the Constitution
U.S.A. The Republic - How You Lost It! 14th Amendment, State of Declared Emergency, CFR, Washington's Vision, Detailed Legal Histories, Myron Fagon's lectures given in the 1960's on Illuminati and Council on Foreign Relations.
JURI -- The Judicial Reform Institute "the first step in reforming the Judiciary is to impose accountability upon the judges."
Fingerprint Repeal Repeal the Fingerprint Law! Fighting the battle against a national I.D. card and Federal control of all employment Hush Money! Larry Klayman's site Now the victim of a vicious Clintonista smear campaign
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Win at all costs "Government misconduct in the name of expedient justice" 10 part expose of Federal persecutions from one of the few remaining family owned newspapers
Judicial Activism: A Case for Impeachment
Bad Judges and What To Do About Them
Vol I Correct Abuse Impeaching Bad Judges
Anti-Lawyer Party "The Anti-Lawyer Political Party is a REAL party dedicated to getting lawyers OUT of our political system (executive, legislative and judicial) and replacing them with honest, hard-working people who really know what it's like to make a living."
Regarding Justice "For all who have, will or now struggle with injustice at the hands of government personnel and members of our legal community." Also, Substance Of Faith
dadejustice Site detailing the corruptions of several judges in Miami Angry enough to feature R-rated (not for everybody) cartoons of several
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