Charts of Florida's Big Bend

These are scanned 8.5 x 14 inch sections of the old, large-format GOFC chart. All images are copyright© Gainesville Offshore Fishing Club and may be downloaded and viewed or printed only for personal use. These images may not be used for any commercial purpose, duplicated, or displayed on a Web page except by hypertext link to the original image contained in the GOFC web site. The images are taken from charts printed more than 15 years ago and are to be used only for illustration of potential good fishing spots. Under no circumstances should these charts be used for navigation. The 1993 "Storm of the Century" substantially altered some channels in the Big Bend region after these charts were printed.

Historically good fishing spots are shown overprinted with red uppercase letters representing the species likely to be encountered there:
Code Species
BL Bluefish
CO Cobia
GR Grouper
KM King Mackerel
RD Redfish
SH Sheepshead
SP Spanish Mackerel
TR Spotted Seatrout

Courses marked in red between navigation markers are in nautical miles, and course headings are approximate.

The far offshore fishing locations should be used only in good weather and with the proper amount of fuel and equipment. Some of the inshore locations should be used only after taking into consideration the draft of your boat and the height of the tide due to the risk of grounding.

Each chart segment covers an area approximately 8 by 15 nautical miles and is available in two sizes in JPG compressed format. Wherever possible a north up orientation is used. A low resolution (72 dot per inch) version is suitable for full screen display on most color monitors, but prints poorly. A high resolution (150 dot per inch) version extends far beyond ordinary screen boundaries, but it can be downloaded and printed or displayed on a high resolution screen. The high resolution image can be resized to fit onto letter or legal sized paper using a suitable graphics editor such as Paint Shop Pro or Adobe PhotoShop.

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