Selected Articles

Archived From Prior Issues of the GOFC Newsletter

The following are some interesting articles that have appeared in previous issues of the GOFC Newsletter:

Troubleshooting Electronics Ways to revive a dead fish finder, by electronics technician George Bishop.
Slippin' and Slidin' How to get a loaded boat trailer up a slippery ramp, by Capt. Charlie Courtney.
Build Your Own Rod Roll your own, by master rod builder Eric Orr.
Out Far and In Deep The joys of Gulfstream fishing, by Capt. Wiley Horton.
How to Make Money Fishing Humor by Russ Roy.
Courtesy Afloat Rules of common courtesy with a touch of humor, by Capt. John Patrick.
Outdoor Writers Then and Now How stories about salt water fishing have evolved over the years, by Richard Bowles.
My Favorite Fish Tales A look at Philip Wylie's "Crunch and Des" stories, by Capt. Charlie Courtney.
Thieving Grouper A grouper steals a wallet, by Richard Bowles.
A Fish Tale Bob Rella battles a cobia, by Richard Bowles.
Remembering Why We Are Here Putting things in perspective, by Scott Wilkey.
A Vivid Memory of My Youth Fishing trips with dad, humor by Matt Courtney.
Wiley Points Humor by Ike Waltonsky.
Will Your GPS Work in the Year 2000? Some older GPS receivers will fail during 1999, by Capt. Charlie Courtney.
No Longer a Slave to Teak Teak finished with Cetol requires much less maintenance, by Capt. Charlie Courtney
Beer and Loathing in the Bahamas Fishing the Inaugural Barta Blue Marlin Classic, by Capt. Wiley Horton.
Low Pressure Centers - Getting out of harm's way at Suwannee, by Russ Roy
The Other Side - Fishing the other side of a stormy Gulf Stream, by Capt. Wiley Horton
Otis - An old fishing buddy revisited, by Capt. Wiley Horton

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