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Alien Identities
Ancient Insights into Modern UFO Phenomena

by Richard L. Thompson


"Like Jacques Vallee's Passport to Magonia, Alien Identities is absolutely seminal, a real ground breaker. It looks at this peculiar phenomenon with marvelous insight and imagination. A "must-read" addition to the field."
--Whitley Strieber, author of Communion

"Brilliant! Alien Identities is a remarkable comparison of some of the best and least studied information we have on UFOs. . . . Thoroughly researched, thought provoking and eminently readable, I could not put it down!"
--Tricia McCannon, founder UFO Forum, Atlanta, U.S.A.

"Alien Identities is stimulating, well organized, and an encyclopedic smorgasbord of UFO data and ancient Indian counterparts. . . . What a refreshing treat. Richard L. Thompson is obviously a scholar who knows his subject and has read and integrated a wealth of literature. . . . He demonstrates considerable skill, knowledge and penetrating insight with his divergent hypotheses for the disparate pieces of information. . . . Alien Identities--Ancient Insights into Modern UFO Phenomena, will not be read on one sitting, nor will it be easily set down. Beware! For like an excellent detective story, the book can become cognitively addicting. . . . Alien Identities stands to become a classic."
--Berthold Schwarz, M.D., psychiatrist and author of UFO Dynamics

"[Alien Identities] will contribute a valuable insight into the possible origin of UFOs. Bravo! Alien Identities is the much searched for Rosetta Stone of UFO literature."
--Clark C. McClelland, pioneer NASA aerospace engineer, United States Space Program, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

"Excellent research material for scholarly UFO students . . . for advanced students and beginners alike."
--Unicus magazine

"A Summa Ufologica of great importance. . . . Thompon has written perhaps the most honest UFO book extant in the English language."
--Gnosis magazine

"Alien Identities provides the reader with a perspective that not only compares UFO events from different cultures but also from different ages. . . . [Richard L. Thompson] offers a balanced approach for the psychological evaluation of UFO Experiences, but he shows courage and scholarship in addressing all levels of evidence: physical, biological, psychosocial and spiritual levels of experiences. Physical traces, abduction reports, the role of the government, and UFO communications, all are grist for the author's mill. . . . Part One is an excellent summary of the problems and findings of modern UFO research."
--R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., Counseling psychologist, Wyoming, U.S.A.

"Alien Identities is brilliant. Thompson's work is both universal and detailed, yet put over in a very readable layman's way. . . . I highly recommend this book."
--Ken Phillips, editor of BUFORA Magazine, U.K.

"Carefully researched and well written . . . [Richard L. Thompson's] approach to the UFO problem is refreshingly innovative. . . . Alien Identities is a major addition to ufological literature, too much of which in recent years has come to seem overspecialized and repetitive."
--Roger W. Wescott, Professor of linguistics and anthropology, Drew University

"A new and important book now joins the expanding literature on UFOs. But this book is refreshingly different in its approach. Richard L. Thompson has used a much larger canvas to present his logical and scholarly work. . . . The author has meticulously researched material from all over the world in writing this book. [Alien Identities ] is a veritable encyclopaedia of information on this subject. It is likely to become a classic in the world of UFOlogy."
--Joan Wilder, Flying Saucer Review, London, England

"Though a few books and articles have briefly flown over the common ground of UFO sightings and contact, and the descriptions of aerospace craft and nuclear-like weapons in Hindu scripture, Richard L. Thompson's Alien Identities--Ancient Insights into Modern UFO Phenomena turns a scholar's satellite lens on this fascinating and mysterious subject. . . . Alien Identities is a mind stretcher that goes as far as the evidence can allow for UFO-type phenomena in ancient India."
--Hinduism Today

"I enjoyed the book, and found the parallels Dr. Thompson points out in Vedic literature to modern UFO lore to be most interesting. His review of UFOlogy is also well done. He strikes a fine balance between the physical and psychic aspects of UFO encounters. The book stands well on its own, and should be an essential addition to the library of anyone interested in a transcultural and historical analysis of the UFO phenomenon. . . . I can (and will) recommend it highly to my colleagues, to experiencers, and to anyone interested in the UFO phenomena."
--David Gotlib, M.D., Toronto, Canada, Editor of Bulletin of Anomalous Experience

"As an ordained Tibetan Buddhist monastic, I refer to texts from India as the ultimate source material by which to answer questions. Both oral and written teachings which I have given throughout the years have focused on comparing the descriptions of "vimanas" in the Vedic texts to modern Western UFO investigations. Having been involved in this work for decades, I highly recommend Dr. Thompson's book as one which will help Westerners understand the Vedic knowledge pertaining to so-called UFO phenomena."
--Reverend Mary Teal Coleman, Dharma Institute

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