M     I     S     S     I     O     N               S     T     A     T     E     M     E     N     T

To quote from Fritz (in Garbage Pail):   "I am . . . possibly .  .  .  the exponent of a viable philosophy which could do something for mankind." 

      As we near the next millennium, some things seem to be clear and to be more clearly recognized.   Our small planet is one world.   We must live peaceably with ourselves and with the natural world.   To do that, the belief in the rational, mechanistic, power-based systems as the only way to exercise control must change.   Fritz was right:   In Gestalt therapy we have a viable philosophy (and practice) that can lead to a balance between the rational and the intuitive, to a redefinition of power, and to our faith in the possibilities for the next stages of our evolution as persons.   Our process-orientation, person-in-environment perspective, our focus on respect, awareness, responsibility, and wholeness are the bases for that evolution. 

      We have a mandate to continue what we are doing as believers in, and practitioners of, the Gestalt therapy approach wherever we live on this earth. 


Pat Korb, Director

The Gestalt Center of Gainesville, Inc.
October, 1997 



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