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GANG February Meeting!

Hello GANG,

Yikes time flies by when you're busy. The 8th came and went and we have a tentative plan to meet next week on Tuesday February 19th (the day after Presidents Day) at Schlotski's Deli on 34th and Archer Road.

We tried to schedule a meeting last month and have a mini get together over at my place in Mayberry, but that was a little more difficult then we may have originally expected. I have decided to move things back to our normal meeting place at the Schlotski Deli on 34th and Archer Road and we'll workout arrangements to have everyone over on another day. Pam and I will be out for most of the weekend enjoying Orlando, but we plan to pack our portable computer and check email once or twice if anyone would like to drop us a message. Get back with me when you get a chance and let me know what you think?

As always...thanks....

Brian Sorli


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