Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
Writers Workshop: Writing the Region

Discover the nuances and techniques
of regional writing

Cross Creek Summer

July 25-29, 2001
The Thomas Center
302 NE 6th Avenue
Gainesville, Florida

The fifth annual Thomas Center and Cross Creek Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Writers Workshop Writing the Region will take place July 25-29th. The series of writers workshops, for published and non-published authors, for people interested in any phase of writing, for people concerned with how you talk about the place where you live, features a distinguished faculty working with participants in the historic setting of Gainesville's Thomas Center. Small groups of conference participants work with authors on workshops including
Fact vs. Fiction: The Life and Writings of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Shaping Poetry, Rewriting Poetry, Rhyming Verse, Playwriting, Relationship between Theme and Character, Editing and Publication, Humor, Self-Publishing, The Character's Journeys, Using Field Notes to Fire Your Narrative, How to Write "tight" like a Journalist and Reporter, Writing with a Sense of Place, Mystery, Freelancing, The Art of Journaling, Living Landscape, How to Be a Professional Writer, The Plot's the Thing, Clients from Heaven and Hell, Creating Moods, Memoir, Historical Nonfiction: A Case Study, Science and Medicine, Writing a Bestselling Novel, Getting Characters Down on Paper, How to Hear when the Muse Comes Knocking, New Metaphors from a Changing Florida, Idella Parker: Herself, Writing for Children, Journey of a Novel, Starting and Restarting a Story, Writing a Regional Guide, Writing for the Stage and Screen, from editors and those directly involved in the publishing business.

Those attending the conference discover the nuances and techniques of regional writing and have the opportunity to visit Cross Creek, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' home, and hear from those who knew her well.

Workshops are deliberately kept small to encourage interaction between faculty and participants, who also have the opportunity to submit manuscripts for review by a faculty member of their choice and have a thirty-minute conference regarding their manuscript.

This year's faculty include Doris Bardon, Kate Barnes, Bill Belleville, Sarah Bewley, William Eyerly, Robert Fulton Jr., Michael Gannon, Lee Gramling, Joe Haldeman, Herb Hiller, Sidney Homan, Jeff Klinkenberg, Murray Laurie, Marilyn Maple, Bill Maxwell, Peter Meinke, Walda Metcalf, Shelley Fraser Mickle, Robert Norman, Idella Parker, Cricket Peckstein, Jeff Ripple, Valerie Rivers, Mark Ryan, and Kevin Shortsleeve.

For information on the five-day series of workshops please call Norma Homan at (352) 378-9166 or (888) 917-7001 or write:
Gainesville Association for the Creative Arts
P.O. Box 12246
Gainesville, FL 32604


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