Gainesville Association for the Creative Arts

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GACA will be Celebrating its 35th Anniversary on May 24 at the Thomas Center!

GACA Proudly Presents the 52nd Street Theatre Project

GACA has secured the rights to this innovative program dedicated to the craft of acting and the creation and production of new plays written for and by kids between the ages of 8 and 17. Developed in New York City, the project is about making children proud of themselves thorugh a successful stage experience while developing acting and creative writing skills.


If you shop at Albertson's, you can put money in GACA's scholarship fund! Call Norma Homan (378-9166) and ask for the GACA/Albertsons card. Each time you shop, they'll scan the card and donate a percentage to us. Easy, and no cost to anyone. So, if you shop there anyway, you can help us too! Call and we'll send you a card. And thanks.