Free Radio Gainesville Lives #8

We're here! It's benefit time, folks!

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OK, so I know you may be absolutely sick of these notices but, come on, it's tonight! FREE RADIO GAINESVILLE BENEFIT at the Covered Dish - Tuesday, March 31st - Squeaky, the Crustaceans, Cloud Nine and Amanda Garrigues.

With the permission and help of the gracious Bill Bryson, we've organized a benefit at the Covered Dish (210 SW 2nd Ave). Performing will be SQUEAKY, THE CRUSTACEANS, CLOUD NINE and the amazing one-woman rock-splosion, AMANDA GARRIGUES (catchy, ain't it Ned?) We, at the last minute, added Amanda, since she is an oh-so awesome supporter of Free Radio Gainesville and an amazing singer/songwriter. Catch her early for a 30-minute set from 9:30-10pm.

The doors will open at around 9pm. Expect to donate $5-10 on a sliding scale. Please come out to support your only source for local music, radical news, experimental and international music, women's music, queer issues and lots more!

The main item we have our eyes on here at the station is a spiffy new mixer with a cue function, so we can hear what we're going to spin next without you hearing us cue it up! We also need a compressor/limiter that will take the highs and lows off of our final sound and also, we need a new turntable or two and a new CD player. There are many more things we need, so look for the WISH LIST at the benefit to see if you have anything we may need.

Tonight, expect lots of interruptions from the DJs on stage and a heap o' interesting literature about the Free Radio Movement. Also expect the roving interviewer and be ready to answer his/her questions. You could be on the radio!

Here are some Internet pages of interest:

SqueakyNet -

CrustaceansNet -

Covered DishNet -

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Cup O' Joe Seeks YOUR Input

Que is (still) kicking it on Mondays from 7-9pm with his show, "Cup O' Joe". Every week your host, Que (pronounced "kay") explores different topics with interviews, music and spoken word. Que would like to announce the topic for next week's show is (oh . . . baby . . .) lust.

What would you rather have: love or lust?

Please provide input to this topic by emailing your thoughts to We'll read your input on the next week's show (Monday, April 6th). Also if you can suggest music that deals with LOVE or LUST, please send suggestions to the same email address. Thanks for getting involved!

BTW, we are always looking for new shows to add to our schedule at FRG and we welcome any suggestions from the community. It is important to us to reflect the diversity in the community (of which there is a LOT!), so if you have show ideas and people to do them, please contact us at FRG.

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Here is the full schedule for our station as of today.

Sundays: 5-8pm: "Night & Day" with Hyper X. Pop, folk, acoustic, hardcore, local bands and da-da w/ "Making Contact", a syndicated half-hour progressive news show on varying topics every week (see schedule below), sandwiched in between at 6pm. 8-9pm: Radical News Hour w/ Ernesto and Riff-Raff the Radio Rat 9-10pm: DIY/Hardcore Hour w/ Monica 10-Midnight: "Midnight Expressions" - hip-hop with Blaq DJ and Billy the Kid (no second guessin').

Mondays: 7-9pm: "Cup o' Joe" with Que. This week's theme is "Lust" (see above). 9-10pm: "Loafer's Glory: A Hobo Jungle of the Mind" - syndicated show w/ Wobbly Utah Phillips.

Wednesdays: 6-7pm: Radical News Hour w/ Ernesto and Riff-Raff the Radio Rat 7-8pm: "Sing It Sista'" - women's voices through poetry and music. 8-9pm: "Necessary T" - Gay/Lesbian/Bi/TransGender News & Music 9-10pm: "Urgent Divergence w/ S-Squared" - subculture shock radio with regular offerings of international and experimental music (Coming this summer - interviews with local innovators, activists and eccentrics), alternates bi-weekly with "Community Collective" - local and regional art & events mixed with music. 10-11pm: "New Wave Hour w/ DJ Donna" - sounds of New Wave and the 80s w/ Gainesville's own DJ Donna (see note above).

Making Contact Schedule on Free Radio Gainesville (Heard Sundays at 6pm)

Sunday, April 5th - Unofficial Channels: Dialogue for Middle East Peace - Over the past few years some Palestinians and Jews -- both in the United States and Israel - have been circumventing official negotiation channels and developing a dialogue among themselves. Sunday, April 12th - Cooperating for a New Economy: Women in Development - On this edition, we examine the international system of development set forth by the World Bank, IMF and other so-called development agencies, and look to women's cooperative in Latin America and the Caribbean as alternatives to this system. Sunday, April 19th - Rain Forest for Sale: Logging and Globalization Sunday, April 26th - Managing Misery: The For-Profit Health System

All "Making Contact" tapes are donated to the Civic Media Center & Library after broadcast, so in case you miss an episode, head down to the CMC (1021 W. University Avenue) for a membership to check out the tape (hours are from Tuesday - Saturday; Noon - 7:30pm). Memberships cost $10-20 per year and gives the privilege of checking out any of their books, audio or videotapes. You also get their newsletter and the satisfaction of knowing that you're supporting a grassroots alternative media source. And, hell, we really like the CMC.

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The Future of Gainesville Radio

Since I can only speak for myself and not the entirety of Free Radio Gainesville, I want to comment on the upcoming ownership change at 97-X.

WRRX-FM is supposed to be under the control of its new owners, Entercom Corp., as of the beginning of April. For me, Jerry Gerard, Jackson Heart, and Moe Music form the backbone of the on-air music threesome like we have never seen in our fair town on the radio.

I especially can relate to these fellas since, admittedly, my musical taste is very similar to theirs and I feel, also, that our music philosophies are similar. I am always trying new music out, in sort of a constant search for that song or band that makes me hummmmm. . . . . I've found it many times but like a drug, I always crave more. I am so happy listening to these shows push my awareness of what is out there. Realizing the creative musical potential in the world is mind-boggling and finding a space on the radio dial where people are experimenting with new music is heaven.

The combination of pushing musical boundaries and their support for local music and local organizations make for an especially sweet mix that all radio stations need to strive for. It's high time that we examine all radio stations on the dial and see how they are really serving the public interest. Radio belongs to everybody, not just those who can afford it.

Let's just hope that the new owners take care of what is good at 97-X (Foreground Music, Jackson Heart and Moe Music) and throw away what is bad (everybody together . . . . .THE BABE!) and maybe we'll continue to experience radio nirvana.

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Free Radio Gainesville PO Box 15094 Gainesville, FL 32604

That's it for now. Please let me know if you would not like to receive this email newsletter or if you want to add someone else to it.

Howard Free Radio Gainesville