Free Radio Gainesville Lives #4

Hey, you with the radio turned on too loud! TURN IT DOWN! It's time for the fourth installment of news from Free Radio Gainesville!

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In my second "in-studio" band appearance, I had a swell time harmonizing and jumping around (OK, only little jumps) with Dave Hornbuckle and Ned Davis from Pop Canon. Ned brought his guitar amp and Dave played acoustic ("unplugged", if you will). We talked about their previous musical experience in and out of Gainesville, the evolution of Pop Canon, the Jesus Christ Superstar extravaganza, and various other topics. They also sprinkled the conversation with musical interludes and played a few full songs, including "Punk Rock Loser" (NOT found on their CD, The Kingdom of Idiot Rock, available in lots o' places including Hyde 'n Zeke Records, Tim & Terry's Music & More, Common Grounds Coffeehouse, Sims Music & Sound, Spec's and Media Play).

Catch the sounds of Pop Canon with special guest Fred Buhl on the electric violin this Thursday at the Market Street Pub (they've got pretty good beer there too - so what more could you ask for?). Market Street Pub is located in Downtown Gainesville on the corner of SW 1st Avenue and 2nd Streets and things will get started at about 10pm.

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We've added a new show to our Wednesday line-up (I mentioned it last week). It features news and music from Gainesville's queer community, so if there are things going on (news, events, parties, drag-shows, whatever!) let us know about them here by mailing it to us or emailing us. See how to contact us below.

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Here is the full schedule as of today for our station.

Sundays: 4-5pm: "Class War Radio" - broadcasts bi-weekly starting March 8th. 5-8pm: "Night & Day" with Hyper X. Pop, folk, acoustic, hardcore, local bands and da-da w/ "Making Contact", a half-hour progressive news show on varying topics every week (see schedule below), sandwiched in between at 6pm. 8-9pm: Radical News Hour w/ Ernesto and Riff-Raff the Radio Rat 9-10pm: DIY/Hardcore Hour w/ Monica 10-Midnight: "Midnight Expressions" - hip-hop with DJ Blaq and the Kid.

Wednesdays: 6-7pm: Radical News Hour w/ Ernesto and Riff-Raff the Radio Rat 7-8pm: "Sing It Sista'" - women's music of all different kinds with Lady Sun. 8-9pm: Gay/Lesbian/Bi/TransGender News & Music (Show name TBA) 9-10:15pm: "Urgent Divergence" - international and experimental music of all kinds. 10:15-11pm: "Pillars to the Culture of Our Third Revolution" - political hip-hop hour with Rich Parker.

Making Contact Schedule on Free Radio Gainesville (Heard Sundays at 6pm)

Sunday, March 8th - Race and Capitalism: On this special program for Black History Month, we take a look at the US government's role in suppressing activism in communities of color while promoting corporate interests and the status quo. Sunday, March 15th - Poverty & Resistance: Welfare Reform: This edition explores the recent changes to US public assistance programs and what poverty activists around the country are doing to support themselves and their communities. Sunday, March 22nd - The Public Interest and Nuclear Priorities: Jackie Cabaso of the Western States Legal Foundatino discusses the Department of Energy's long history of secrecy and lack of public accountability. Lauro Silva, Deputy City Attorney of Santa Fe, New Mexico, disputes the legitimacy of the Environmental Protection Agency's review process to examine the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant or WIPP, a proposed nuclear dump. Myla Reson of Citizens for Alternatives to Radioactive Dumping, a group opposed to WIPP, says the EPA is not protecting the public. Philip Klasky of the Bay Area Nuclear Waste Coalition says that an initial environmental study of Ward Valley, a proposed nuclear waste site, was compromised form the get-go when the federal Bureau of Land Management used data collected by the dump contractor, US Ecology. Also, a commentary from syndicated columnist Norman Solomon about the US nuclear legacy.

Remember that all "Making Contact" tapes are donated to the Civic Media Center & Library after broadcast, so in case you miss an episode, head down to the CMC (1021 W. University Avenue) for a membership to check out the tape. Memberships cost $10-20 per year and gives the privilege of checking out any of their books, audio or video tapes. You also get their newsletter and the satisfaction of knowing that you're supporting a grassroots alternative media source.

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The collective at Free Radio Gainesville has a deep desire to make radio a useful resource for people in the community. One way we like to think about it is if you were part of an organization and you had free radio time to do anything you wanted with, what would it be? If there are organizations in Gainesville that would like to use air time on our station and agree with our mission statement, please have them contact us at the address or email below. We also want to encourage people to start their own stations if they don't agree with our stated mission and, as time permits, we will assist in this process.

I wanted to include our mission here at Free Radio Gainesville for those who are unfamiliar with why we started this project:

"It is our mission to contribute to the radical media project of countering the deluge of corporate lies, half-truths and omissions; to open up the airwaves to the wealth of cultural and political diversity that exists in our community; and to thereby build on the hard work of local radical media projects such as the Gainesville Iguana and the Civic Media Center towards constructing a more informed citizenry and a just, democratic, and equal society."

The micropowered radio movement is growing stronger and stronger every day. There are hundreds of stations like ours all over the country and world and often, we act in loose coordination with them. Here are the web pages of just a few of them:

Free Radio Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Black Liberation Radio Solidarity Page, Decatur, IL

Radio Mutiny, Philadelphia, PA

San Francisco Liberation Radio, SF, CA

Here's a great Free Radio resource on the Internet: The Free Radio Network

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Free Radio Gainesville PO Box 15094 Gainesville, FL 32604

Sorry, we have no phone number yet, but we're working on it.

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