Greetings once again oh cyberspacers and radio listeners. Here is the second installment of notes about the news and programs on Free Radio Gainesville, 94.7 FM.

Two developments have us smiling here at the radio ranch.

The first is the NEW SHOW! Two local DJ's who spin hip-hop at clubs such as Simon's, Full Circle and Common Grounds saw the Iguana article in January and left us a note at the Civic Media Center requesting some air time. This past Sunday saw the debut of "Midnight Expressions" featuring DJ Blaq and the Kid. Two hours of hip-hop that other stations in town just aren't doing which airs every Sunday night from 10pm - midnight. Hope you can tune in.

The other development is the status of our new amplifier which is - OPERATIONAL! We are now broadcasting at a full 40 watts. We hope this signal boost will enable you to get the signal inside your home. Please report to me how it sounds from where you live. I can't stress enough how important it is to hear these listener reports. I want everyone to get our signal so knowing how the signal sounds inside your home as opposed to in your car is useful.

Here is the full schedule as of today for our station with some program notes.

Sundays: 4-5pm: "Class War Radio" 5-8pm: "Night & Day" with Hyper X. Pop, folk, acoustic, hardcore, local bands and da-da w/ "Making Contact", a half-hour progressive news show on varying topics every week, sandwiched in between at 6pm. February 22nd - Local guitarist/songwriter/singer Amanda Garrigues LIVE in-the-studio from 5-6pm with Hyper X. March 1st - Locals Pop Canon LIVE in-the-studio from 5-6pm with Hyper X. 8-9pm: Radical News Hour w/ Ernesto and Riff-Raff the Radio Rat 9-10pm: Local DIY/Hardcore Hour w/ Monica 10-Midnight: "Midnight Expressions" - hip-hop with DJ Blaq and the Kid.

Wednesdays: 6-7pm: Radical News Hour w/ Ernesto and Riff-Raff the Radio Rat 7-8pm: "Sing It Sister!" - women's music of all different kinds. 8-9pm: Open 9-10:15pm: "Urgent Divergence" 10:15-11pm: "Pillars to the Culture of Our Third Revolution" - political hip-hop hour with Rich Parker.

Making Contact Schedule on Free Radio Gainesville (Heard Sundays at 6pm)

Sunday, February 22nd - Downstream from Technology: The Environment and High-Tech Production Sunday, March 1st - Selective Access: Public Broadcasting Sunday, March 8th - Race and Capitalism

We had a wonderful micropowered broadcasting teach-in this past Sunday at the Civic Media Center and Library. Kelly Kombat and his fiance, Kathy were in town and they set up their radio equipment inside the CMC! We spent the afternoon putting the antenna on top of the CMC and testing the equipment. In the evening, about 17 people showed up and discussed the state of micropowered radio in the U.S. and abroad and heard the story of Kelly's bust at 87-X in Tampa this past November. At the end of the discussion, we fired up the equipment and did 2-3 hours of broadcasting on 87.9 FM. Lots of wackiness was had!

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Have a great week and we hope you tune in!

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