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Roughly 35-40 people attended our micropowered radio teach-in this past Monday at the Civic Media Center & Library. Spirits were high as members of the FRG collective gave presentations on the history of the free radio movement, what it means to be part of a community, our interactions with the FCC and what our intentions are at Free Radio Gainesville.

To start things off, we showed a video that was prepared for a presentation we gave at the First East Coast Micropowered Radio Conference in Philadelphia, PA. The video consisted of recordings taken of FRG meetings and interviews with collective members describing their experience at building Free Radio Gainesville.

I wanted to thank everyone who came out and made this event a success. We were very encouraged by the amount of support we received and the spontaneous rounds of applause for our presentation.

We also celebrated one-year of micropowered broadcasting in Gainesville. It's hard to believe that a year ago, we were an bunch of media activists embarking on a journey across the ocean of our radio waves. Today, we have a lot of experience and can safely say that even though we may go off the air someday, we will continue to encourage others to take to the airwaves and challenge the establishment.

Free the Airwaves!

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I've been clawing at my keyboard all day!! The boss is breathing down my neck for this project! My rent is due and I don't have enough money! I'm STRESSED OUT!

Have you found yourself in a similar situation and have had trouble coping? The next topic on "Cup o' Joe" is for you. . .

Join Que as he asks the question, "What do you do about stress?"

Listeners can get involved in "Cup o' Joe" every week as Que explores different realms of the human psyche. Que is looking for musical suggestions dealing with stress or just simply answers to the question which can me written and emailed to us.

Listen to his show every Monday night from 7-9pm and get involved - we really want your participation. Send email to

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Here is a revised schedule to reflect our weekend broadcasting schedule which will continue until further notice:

Sundays: 5-6pm: "Local Music Show" - one hour showcasing Gainesville's great music scene with Hyper X 6-6:30pm: "Making Contact" - a syndicated half-hour progressive news show on varying topics every week. 6:30-7pm: "Night & Day with Hyper X" - Folk, acoustic, insurgent country and power pop. 7-8pm: "Cup o' Joe" with Que. This week's theme is "STRESS" (see above). 8-9pm: "All Things Not Considered" - an hour of local, national and international news of people's struggles against social injustice brought to you by Ernesto. 9-10pm: "Sing It Sista!" - women's voices through poetry and music hosted by our fabulous new hostess, Sorg. 10-Midnight: "Midnight Expressions" - hip-hop with Blaq DJ and Billy the Kid.

Saturdays 5-6pm: "Class War Radio" - it's back and ready to smash the state! 6-7pm: "Community Collective" - local and regional music and culture. 7-8pm: "All Things Not Considered" - an hour of local, national and international news of people's struggles against social injustice brought to you by Ernesto. 8-9pm: "Mozambique" - Pan-African music including reggae, Latin music, rhythms and beats and much more with Alan.

Wednesdays 6pm - 1am: Schedule not available. Tune in at these times.

Making Contact Schedule on Free Radio Gainesville (Heard Sundays at 6pm)

Sunday, July 5th - "NUCLEAR HYPOCRISY: THE U.S. AND ATOMIC TESTS": In May India detonated five nuclear bombs underground. That country's neighbor, Pakistan, followed with several nuclear tests of its own. The United States, along with many other countries, reacted swiftly to denounce the blasts. But, even as U.S. officials scold India and Pakistan, the Unites States military continues to spend billions of dollars on nuclear weapons research and technology. On this program, you'll hear from anti-nuclear activists and their reaction to this latest round of the nuclear arms race. Sunday, July 12th - "IN THE FACE OF VIOLENCE: PEACEFUL RESISTANCE": On January 1, 1994, the first day NAFTA took effect, the Zapatista National Liberation Army launched an armed struggle in Chiapas, Mexico. The use of violent force, an initial uprising that lasted for 11 days, once again raised the question among activists: when, if ever, does it become necessary to raise weapons to bring about social change? Today, the Zapatistas and many other communities throughout Latin America continue to struggle non- violently against the encroachment of multinational corporations and increasing militarization. On this program you'll hear how some activists are organizing peaceful resistance strategies in the midst of violent repression. Sunday, July 19th - "HEMP: THE FORBIDDEN ALTERNATIVE": Once a mainstay of U.S. agriculture, growing hemp has been illegal in the United States since the 1930's. Hemp fiber and seeds can be used to make a variety of products, such as clothing and food. But since hemp fiber is derived from the same plant as marijuana it's been difficult for supporters of industrial hemp to overturn the ban. On this program, you'll hear from farmers and hemp activists in the United States and Canada who are developing cooperatives and other programs to bring hemp back to the agriculture scene.

All "Making Contact" tapes are donated to the Civic Media Center & Library after broadcast, so in case you miss an episode, head down to the CMC (1021 W. University Avenue) for a membership to check out the tape (hours are from Tuesday - Saturday; Noon - 7:30pm). Memberships cost $10-20 per year and gives the privilege of checking out any of their books, audio or videotapes. You also get their newsletter and the satisfaction of knowing that you're supporting a grassroots alternative media source. And, hell, we really like the CMC.

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REMINDER: Band Drop-Off Box at Hyde 'n Zeke's

We have new way to get music in to our hot little hands. If you are in a band or have music that you want to donate to the station, there is a "Free Radio Gainesville Drop-Off Box" located at Hyde & Zeke's Records in the UF Plaza across from the University of Florida campus (the same plaza as University Copy Center and the Birkenstock Store).

We thought that this would be a logical way for bands to give us copies of their music. If you are in a band and you sell music to Hyde & Zeke's, why not drop a copy of your merch in the "Drop-Off Box"? This way you don't have to go through the motions of stuffing/sealing an envelope, getting postage on it and bringing it down to the post office. Just go by Hyde & Zeke's Records! And also, if you buy local music, I prefer to get it there at Hyde & Zeke's and so should you - Hyde & Zeke's are staunch supporters of local music and they are a small, independent record store that needs your support! As they say on the radio: Hyde & Zeke's - real people in a plastic business.

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Our email address is:

Our mailing address is:

Free Radio Gainesville PO Box 15094 Gainesville, FL 32604

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Our new t-shirts look REALLY good. One could argue that they look better than the first run. The graphic (our "Radio is my Bomb!" guy) printed better with a dark ink on a light colored shirt. These shirts are white with the printing in a Navy.

Send me an email if you'd like to reserve a shirt and please indicate what size you'd like. They're available in S, L, and XL. The cost is $7-10 on a sliding scale.

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That's it for now. Please let me know if you would not like to receive this email newsletter or if you want to add someone else to it.

Howard Free Radio Gainesville