Free Radio Gainesville Lives #11

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(I'm not going to include sooooo much info in today's newsletter. I've gotten feedback that these may be too long. If you have any other feedback or want to disagree or agree with that feedback, please don't hesitate to email me. - Howard)

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We're Really P.O.'d

Floating back down to Earth from dreamy-dreamy land is our effervescent host of "Cup o' Joe", Que, who next week will be serving up a show about ANGER.

What's makes you angry and why? That is the question Que is seeking answers to and invites YOU to email us with your response to be read on-the-air next Monday (April 27th).

Listeners can get involved in "Cup o' Joe" every week as Que explores different realms of the human psyche. Listen to his show every Monday night from 7-9pm and get involved - we really want your participation. Send email to

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Here is the full schedule for our station as of today.

Sundays: 5-8pm: "Night & Day" with Hyper X. Pop, folk, acoustic, hardcore, local bands and da-da w/ "Making Contact", a syndicated half-hour progressive news show on varying topics every week (see schedule below), sandwiched in between at 6pm. 8-9pm: "All Things Not Considered" w/ Ernesto. 9-10pm: "DIY/Hardcore Hour" w/ Monica 10-Midnight: "Midnight Expressions" - hip-hop with Blaq DJ and Billy the Kid (no second guessin').

Mondays: 7-9pm: "Cup o' Joe" with Que. This week's theme is "ANGER" (see above). 9-10pm: "Loafer's Glory: A Hobo Jungle of the Mind" - syndicated show w/ Wobbly Utah Phillips. This show has been delayed in the mail recently. Keep tuning in though - the tape should arrive any day now!

Wednesdays: 6-7pm: "All Things Not Considered" w/ Ernesto. 7-8pm: "Sing It Sista'" - women's voices through poetry and music. 8-9pm: "Necessary T" - Gay/Lesbian/Bi/TransGender News & Music 9-10pm: "Urgent Divergence w/ S-Squared" - subculture shock radio with regular offerings of international and experimental music (Coming this summer - interviews with local innovators, activists and eccentrics), alternates bi-weekly with "Community Collective" - local and regional art & events mixed with music. 10-11pm: "New Wave Hour w/ DJ Donna" - sounds of New Wave and the 80s w/ Gainesville's own DJ Donna. (this may be moving to Monday nights from 10-11pm - stay tuned!) 11-12midnight: "Nomadic Broadcast Network" - spoken word with local poets in all its various and sundry forms w/ El Destructo and D.T. **NEW SHOW**

Making Contact Schedule on Free Radio Gainesville (Heard Sundays at 6pm)

Sunday, April 26th - Managing Misery: The For-Profit Health System - As so-called managed care companies merge and gobble up non-profit hospitals, more and more medical decisions are weighed as financial considerations. In some cases, corporations are denying health services vital to the well-being of patients. Sunday, May 3rd - What is "Progress?" - On this roundtable edition, syndicated columnist Norman Solomon explores the meaning of international development and trade policies, focusing on Africa and Clinton's recent trip there. Sunday, May 10th - The Art of Organizing: Creative Activism & Social Change - Activists are devising new ways to get their messages out to the public to raise awareness about issues of social justice.

All "Making Contact" tapes are donated to the Civic Media Center & Library after broadcast, so in case you miss an episode, head down to the CMC (1021 W. University Avenue) for a membership to check out the tape (hours are from Tuesday - Saturday; Noon - 7:30pm). Memberships cost $10-20 per year and gives the privilege of checking out any of their books, audio or videotapes. You also get their newsletter and the satisfaction of knowing that you're supporting a grassroots alternative media source. And, hell, we really like the CMC.

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REMINDER: Band Drop-Off Box at Hyde 'n Zeke's

We have new way to get music in to our hot little hands. If you are in a band or have music that you want to donate to the station, there is a "Free Radio Gainesville Drop-Off Box" located at Hyde & Zeke's Records in the UF Plaza across from the University of Florida campus (the same plaza as University Copy Center and the Birkenstock Store).

We thought that this would be a logical way for bands to give us copies of their music. If you are in a band and you sell music to Hyde & Zeke's, why not drop a copy of your merch in the "Drop-Off Box." This way you don't have to go through the motions of stuffing/sealing an envelope, getting postage on it and bringing it down to the post office. Just go by Hyde & Zeke's Records! And also, if you buy local music, I prefer to get it there at Hyde & Zeke's and so should you - Hyde & Zeke's are staunch supporters of local music and they are a small, independent record store that needs your support! As they say on the radio: Hyde & Zeke's - real people in a plastic business.

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Also, we have new t-shirts that one of our members made for the conference we just went to in Philadelphia and we've got extras! They feature the "It's Time to Listen!" slogan with the androgynous person holding their fist up. They are $8-10 on a sliding scale so be the first on your block to wear this cool piece of clothing. Contact me if you'd like one and I can arrange to get it to you.

Don't forget about the DROP-OFF BOX at HYDE 'N ZEKE'S RECORDS.

That's it for now. Please let me know if you would not like to receive this email newsletter or if you want to add someone else to it.

Howard Free Radio Gainesville

P.S. Don't forget to check out the hellish sounds of the BILL PERRY ORCHESTRA this Friday, April 24th at the Civic Media Center. The CMC is located at 1021 W. University Avenue and the show will start at 9pm.