Friends of Morningside

The Friends of Morningside is one of this area's oldest organizations dedicated to preserving natural Florida and teaching Floridians about their natural heritage.As Gainesville's Division of Nature Operation's associated nonprofit organization, Friends of Morningside has helped with the science and social studies educations of literally tens of thousands of area youngsters. Members of FOM care deeply about this corner of the world and want to help foster love and respect for it.

For more information about Friends of Morningside, contact Morningside Nature Center at (352)334-2170.

Morningside Nature Center
3540 East University Avenue
Gainesville FL 32641-6057


The Florida Native Plant Society
Paynes Prairie Chapter FNPS
Alachua Audubon Society
City of Gainesville
The Longleaf Pine, Newsletter of Friends of Morningside
Clifford T. Crawford, Director of Recreation and Parks
Steven Phillips, Nature Operations Division Manager
Shirley Crownover, Staff Assistant, Maintenance & Programs
Gary Paul, Nature Programs Coordinator
Grant Clark, Labor Crew Leader I
Stan Harrell, Maintenance Worker I
Thomas Wynne, Maintenance Worker I
Arnold Legler, Part-time Maintenance Worker
Richard Mortensen, Special Maintenance Worker
Cathy Splichal, School Program Coordinator
Mark Anderson, Interpretation Coordinator
David Kreider, Craftsman/Instructor
Priscilla Moring, Farm Coordinator
Mary Rosier, Naturalist/Instructor
Hallie Dozier, Naturalist/Instructor
Julie Weisberg, Naturalist/Instructor
Jon Reeves, Teaching Aide
Diane Heiden, Teaching Aide
Elizabeth Chambers, Special Assistant, Greenway & Habitat Management
Deanna Labbee-Kinnard, Greenway Coordinator
D. Larry Johnson, Habitat Naturalist
Charles Lane, Habitat Naturalist
Kathryn Elkins, Nature Assistant
M. Beth Fucile, Chair
Mike R. Castine, Vice Chair
Nancy Parkinson, Secretary
Michael Campbell, Member
Chris McGarry, Member
Don Mott, Member
M. Denise Remer, Member
Kathryn Trimble, Member
Steven Phillips, NOD Liaison
Alice Tyler, FOM Liaison
Gloria Ewell, President
Maria Minno, Vice President
Alice Tyler, Secretary & Treasurer
Patsy McCarty, Membership
Penny Weber, Fund Raising
Kathryn Rosemeier, Public Relations
Jean Dorney, Member
Mary Rhodes, Member
Jacqueline Williams, Member
Gary A. Paul, NOD Liasion

If you have comments or suggestions, e-mail Maria Minno at

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