Welcome to the official homepage of the Florida FFA Association! There's a lot of information here, from contest dates and results to information about our state officers, so be sure to check it all out. Also be sure to check back at this page often, as we'll be using it to post important information and news about our association. You'll see upcoming dates for events, contest announcements, and other information that might be useful to you. If this is your first time here, you might want to check further down on this page (in the navigation section) for tips on finding your way around. If you go a little bit further, you can find important information on ways that you can reach the state association headquarters, too. Oh, yeah, one more thing: have fun!



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For a site with so much to offer, we think it's pretty easy to get around. If you're having trouble, though, here's a few tips. First, if you see a few words of text in a different color than the rest, try holding the mouse pointer over it. If it changes color, it's a link, and clicking on it takes you somewhere else on this site. Second, the words at the top of the screen (below our logo) are links to the other pages on our site. Clicking news brings you back to this page. Clicking calendar takes you to our calendar of important dates. Be sure to check here if you're not sure about deadlines or contest dates. Choosing state officers takes you to the state officer pages, where you can find out all about Florida's member leadership. Choosing contest results takes you to the contest results page (surprise!), where you can find out who won what, almost instantly. No more waiting for results from the state headquarters! Last, clicking national ffa takes you straight to the national ffa association's website, the ultimate web headquarters for the FFA.

You can E-mail the State Office at: flaffa@gator.net

  Or call 352-378-0060

If you would like to be put on our group e-mail contact our State FFA Advisor, Belinda Chason at:





To download files... Right click on the links below and select "Save Target As". You will then be allowed to select the folder in which you wish to download to. My Documents folder is suggested.The National Chapter Application is in Microsoft Excel 2000, if you have an earlier version of Excel, It may not open.

Priemier Chapter is in Microsoft Word 2000, It should open in earlier forms of Word but it may cause trouble with the formatting of the document.

National Chapter Awards Application (form 1 needed to seat delegates at State Convention)

Priemier Chapter Award Application