General Information On The FCoC

The First Church Of Cyberspace was conceived and founded by Gainesville residents Ben Pollack, David Burdette, and Jeff Mercer, with the virtual assistance of Mitchel and a friend of Ben's.

It is a legally incorporated non-profit organization (Read: Church) in the state of Florida.

The First Church Of Cyberspace is most common abbreviated as FCOC, which is most emphatically *not* pronounced as "FuhCock", but rather spelled out rapidly (as in USA or IBM). Sometimes it is abbreviated as FCoC. Either way is acceptable.

The FCOC is (to our knowledge) the first virtual and physical church. Among the items on the FCOC's agenda is to establish the validity of religious activities in the realm of cyberspace; this has been done primarily through the virtual chapel known as the First Church Of Cyberspace BBS (currently offline) and is continued through the resources of the 'net. Access to the FCOC "CyberGod" and "Fiat" conferences are also available on the Ghostwheel (In The Shadows) BBS (352-375-4153}.

None of the people active in the FCOC are anything like you think they are. / March 18th, 1996