Ways To Contact Us

Here is information about how to get ahold of the FCoC as an organization.


The First Church of Cyberspace is both a physical and virtual church. The physical office of the FCoC was originally the condo that Rev. Pollack resided in here in Gainesville, but he relocated last year to a more southern part of Florida.

The virtual church was the First Church of Cyberspace BBS, which was maintained by Morgan Bluejeans (aka The Rev), and served as our primary chapel, electronically. However, it had to be taken offline when Ben relocated. We fully intend to resurect the system in the future.


You can email the FCoC at fcoc@afn.org

You can also send email to individual officials of the FCoC as well:

Snail Mail

You can also write to the First Church Of Cyberspace with the following postal address:

First Church Of Cyberspace
205-33P S.E. 16th Ave
Gainesville, FL 32601

Other Methods

We do not currently have a FAX, Beeper, or PhoneMail number. Nor do we have an official Internet site. Anyone interested in providing any or all of these services may feel free to contact the FCOC about the matter.
fcoc@afn.org / May 14th, 1996