Andy Richter came to the University of Florida to talk on April 8, 1997. When I found out about this a couple weeks earlier, it had instantly become my sole reason for living (maybe not, but it sure does make me sound psychotic, wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!). Anyway, so Andy came and talked at in the basketball arena and lots of people showed up. The title of Andy's talk was "How to be a talk show sidekick and other worthless crap." He talked for about an hour, showed a few clips, and answered a few questions from the audience. Andy has always been one of my favorite "celebrities", so after all questions were answered, I just wanted to go up and shake Andy's hand. I didn't have a camera or anything to sign, just wanted a handshake. Well, other people did have the aforementioned intentions, and a line/crowd formed around Andy. Well, just when I was the very next person in line, Andy proclaims, "sorry guys, gotta go now," and he was whisked away by campus security. Thus, I was denied. I cried myself to sleep that night. Actually, I just went home and watched tv, but still, a shake woulda been cooler. THE END.