Eden Baptist Church

Preacher Jim is My Brother


You have had Jim as your pastor throughout the years,
he has been your servant with sweat and tears.
He preaches the Word, that he does not doubt,
it moves the Spirit, so it is O.K. to shout.
His sermons uplift and are full of love,
there is no question, they are from above.
Jesus is his subject, the one who died on the cross,
he will tell you salvation is for all who are lost

You may think the way he loves you, there is no other,
I know it is true, yes I do…
But Oh', he is my brother.
I remember his mischief when he was a boy,
but for all our family, he brought us much joy.
We grew together and roamed the hills,
the simplest things were fun and thrills.
His children call him blessed, and so does his wife,
for them he would give even his life.
He desires to please God in all his ways,
his goal is to be faithful the rest of his days.
He would rather be here in church even when he does not feel good,
he won't stay home when he knows he should.
He doesn't want to miss the fellowship and song,
in his prayers he praises God for you all the day long.

I could say more about something or the other,
but I'll just say "Thank the Lord" Preacher Jim is my brother!

Written by Bob Blevins, Pastor Jim's brother,
for Pastor Appreciation Day.
November 1, 1998