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The DT-232 Mini-Dial Up Remote Control &
Universal DTMF to Serial Tranceiver & Converter

The CircuitWerkes DT-232

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The DT-232 is an inexpensive dial-up remote control with amazing capabilities! It gives you DTMF access to four, user programmable relays that can be momentary, latching, etc. Relays can be programmed to respond to any DTMF tone or sequence.

The DT-232 can output serial data, in your user-defined format, so it can interface to virtually any piece of hardware that requires serial control or input. The DT-232 receives DTMF tones from either its audio input connector or from its built-in telephone autocoupler. The DTMF tones are converted to, user defined, ASCII data & transmitted to the host computer or remote equipment.

In addition to receiving DTMF tones, the DT- 232 can accept ASCII input from it’s serial port and generate DTMF tones that are transmitted to a phone line for controlling equipment in remote locations.

A free Windows program makes control and programming incredibly simple. You can also operate the DT-232’s basic functions from any terminal program on almost any type of computer. The free software Lets you upload, download save your DT-232 configurations. Software is required for the advanced programming functions.

The CircuitWerkes DT-232 dial-up remote control & DTMF-to-ascii transceiver is perfect for any situation where you need to interface DTMF tones to virtually any type of equipment.  The DT-232 speaks your language because you program its outputs.  It is easily  the most versatile controller made today!


Converts DTMF tones to user defined ASCII strings  and sends them out via serial port.


Four on-board SPST relays can be controlled via DTMF tones or sequences.


Accepts DTMF from either it’s audio input port or the built-in autocoupler.


Auto-answers on user selectable ring number and auto-drops at call's end. 


4-digit user-settable password prevents pirating.


Each relay can be independently set to function as a momentary closure, latching closure with distinct on/off codes, interlocked latching with other relays & more. 


Any relay can be assigned to any tone(s).


Decodes up to 19 user-defined, DTMF, sequences.


Each sequence can have up to 7 actions, including: Close relay, open relay, timed closure/timed open,toggle relay, pause, send ascii & jump to sequence ##.


Serial outputs can be up to 32 characters and are completely user-programmable. Using action sequences, strings can even be combined


Accepts serial data input & sends DTMF tones for controlling remote equipment on phone lines.


Windows™ based user interface for PC users simplifies control and programming & lets you save your DT-232 configurations.

> Each relay is programmable to beep (send DTMF tone) when activated.
> Provides phone line audio input or output. 
> Relay  outputs appear on easy to use screw terminals. 
> Retains its settings after a power failure. 
> Rugged, metal case can be table, wall or, optionally, rack mounted.

DT-232 Configuration Software


For more information, please call or e-mail us.  You can also download both the technical manual and the DT-232 configuration software from the support section of our website .

Great for overhead paging systems!


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