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Custom & Private Label Projects

CircuitWerkes designs and fabricates both custom and private label electronics as well as modified versions of our regular designs. Click here to learn more.

CircuitWerkes Control Products

Products designated with a (**) work with telephone lines and/or on audio lines.
Products designated with (RS232) work with serial data. Most rs232 products also accept contact closures.

All prices are in US Dollars

Click on the photos below for detailed product brochures.

Picture Description List Price
DR-10 **
Dial-up remote control with audio pass through. Works with most automation systems to allow unattended live remote broadcasts. Can also be set to cut into a broadcast for emergency warnings or quick announcements.
Available Options: CP-1, Silencer
Typically found in the studio environment
$399.00 (DR-10)
DTMF multi-tone sequence decoder.
Available Options: Silencer, RM-01, RM-02
$299.00 (DS-8)
Deluxe DTMF tone decoder.
Available Options: Silencer, RM-01, RM-02
$229.00 (DTMF-16)
DT-232 (rs232) (**)
Bi-directional DTMF to RS-232 converter
Available Options: RM-01, RM-02
$259.00 (DT-232)
ENDEC* Controller.
Available Options: RM-01

*Endec is a trademark of Sage Alerting Systems, Inc. CircuitWerkes is not affiliated with Sage in any way.
$299.00 (EAS-4)
GENr8 (rs232)
Programmable DTMF tone encoder / generator
controlled by RS232 or contact closures
Available Options: RM-01, RM-02
$259.00 (GENr8)
pREX (rs232)
Programmable relay expander which accepts a wide variety of input signals and converts them to contact closure outputs. Accepts rs232 and contact closures.
Available Options: PB-66, RM-01
$279.00 (pREX)
An inexpensive relay multiplier with 6 inputs and 24 outputs.
Available Options: PB-66, RM-01
$179.00 (REX)
Subaudible tone encoder with balanced, filtered output. Can be used to send automation tones mixed with normal program audio without being heard. Does not work with standard dial-up telephone lines, but does work through many POTS frequency extenders.
Available Options: RM-01
Typically found in the studio environment
$399.00 (SEN-6)
SiCon-8 (rs232) (**)
Talking, recordable remote control with free Windows control software. Limited release available now. Free Windows software available in May, 2006.
Available Options: SX-8, Individual spare PCBs or Spare PCB Kit
$1299.00 (SiCon-8)
Silencer II
Stand-alone, muted, 50ms, 7kHz bw, audio delay removes DTMF tones.
Available Options: RM-01, RM-02
$189.00 (SIL-II)
25/35/combo subaudible tone decoder w/balanced, filtered audio output. Used to provide contact closures for many satellite content providers. Can also be used with our SEN-6 to provide control over any high-quality audio line.
Available Options: RM-01
$379.00 (SUB-03)
Transcon-16 image Transcon-16
Transports contact closures, bi-directionally, over any 3-wire cable. 16 buffered inputs to 16 relay outputs. Used in pairs only. Custom designed for a major network but priced for the smallest budget.
Available Options: Shelf-1
$269.00 (TC-16)

Control Product Options
Call progress decoder daughterboard for AC-1, DR-10, and HC-3.
$109.00 (CP-1)
CW PB-66
Telco cable & punch block option for pREX and REX.
$65.00 (CW PB66)
Additional standard CW power supply. Specify product at purchase.
$25.00 (CW PS)
Rack mount for single device. Specify product at purchase.
$28.00 (RM-01)
Dual rack mount for two devices. Specify product (HC-3, DS-8, DTMF-16, DT-232, GENr8, HC-3, SIL-II) at purchase.
$30.00 (RM-02)
Rack mount shelf for signle or double half-rack products like the TC-16.
$33.00 (Shelf-1)
Muted audio delay (50ms, 7kHz bw) removes DTMF tones. Available as a daughterboard for the DR-10, DS-8, and DTMF-16.
$169.00 (Silencer)


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