The Search For A New Webmaster (is over)

8/16/99 Update to the Update!

Hi all, 

I'm the new guy -- my name is Jason, and I'll be on this end from here on out...I just wanted to put a note up and introduce myself real quick.  I'll skip the bio for the except to say I'm some variant of software engineer in my other life, and that I've been playing with Cthugha since '94.  While it may take me a while to get up to speed 100% around here, please feel free to email me as though I knew what I was talking about.  :)  I promise to answer.  (It may be unintelligible at first, but I'll answer.) 

You can email me at the usual effective immediately.

Lastly, a sincere round of applause for the former Webmaster, Jeff Mercer, who kept this place rolling up 'til now.  Gratitude is in order -- good luck, Jeff.

8/15/99 Update!

I have located and chosen a successor for the Cthugha Webpage webmaster. Many thanks to all of those who responded to my request. I'm sorry that I haven't had time to respond to you all individually, but my life just got even busier as I'm moving up to North Carolina in just a few weeks.

The new caretaker will be handling everything on these pages from now on. I've still got to get the files to him and it may take a little while before he's up to speed, but the beat will go on. Keep in mind that development on the Cthugha programs is itself pretty slow as the authors have real jobs that have to take top priority...

Thanks again for all of your support, I've really appreciated it.

                                                                                                                                                            --Jeff Mercer <>

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