The Crystal Forest

Gainesville, Florida 32609

Crystal Healing I

An integrative approach to understanding Crystals and their use in healing

A Series of 6 intensive sessisons

Presented by Mariellen L. Kristol, B.S., C.H., of Jacksonville, Florida

Alternative Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Certified Rebirther, Transformational Counselor


  • Introduction to Crystals (for basic & advanced students)
  • Meditations utilizing Crystals
  • Understanding Crystals
  • Tuning in with Crystals
  • Learning to heal with Crystals
  • Crystal layouts
  • Crystal healing sessions
  • How to choose your personal Crystal
  • Co-creating with Crystals
  • The use of Crystals in physical and spiritual healings
  • The cautions in using Crystals
  • Call Debra McDowell to pre-register: 352-376-1201

    Classes are held Thursdays from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at the Crystal Forest. This is a 6 weeks class beginning February 20th.

    Mariellen Kristol is a counselor in Jacksonville where she is President of ATI Counseling & Healing Center. She works with her husband, Dr. Bruce Kristol, who is a licensed clinical psychologist. Mariellen has been doing psychospiritual healing work for the past 10 years, has taught numerous classes on healing, the use of Crystals, past life regression, Kundalini, Dream Interpretation, and hypnosis.

    Mariellen specializes in transformational psychology and uses dream analysis, visualization techniques, age regression and clinical hypnosis for Wellness, emotional and physical and spiritual healing, as well as for stop smoking and weight control. She is trained in NLP, and has unique expertise through her business practices and psychology background as a motivational and sales performance counsultant and counselor.

    She has been a consultant to the President's Task Force of Florida Community College of Jacksonville. Mariellen and her husband specialize in Processional Development Trainings, Supervisor and Managerial Trainings, Stress Reduction, Team Building, Human Diversity Trainings for businesses and Law Enforcement in the State of Florida.

    Mariellen is presently enrolled in the Acupuncture Physician's Program at the Healing Arts Center in Gainesville, Florida.

    Mariellen can be reached in Gainesville for private consultations at 336-8847

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