Welcome to the Porter Family Homepage!

We are a typical USAmerican family, with a few twists. Our computer hard drives are named Eowyn, Naismith and Valen--and if you know who they are named after you must be as strange as we are :)

We love to travel; we visited France and Germany in '94, the Grand Canyon in '95, and the Yucatan in '97. In 1996, we spent half the year in Brazil. ( We stayed in the U.S. for '98, but hosted a teenager from Russia.)

SANFORD is a researcher at the USDA, specializing in fire ants. He is the compiler of the database FORMIS and has been involved in Boy Scouts for more than ten years. Sanford's email address is sdp@nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu.

COLLEEN is a mother at home and a sometime volunteer with the Alachua Freenet, having founded the community calendar . She spearheaded the worldwide effort to create the Usenet newsgroup misc.kids.moderated. She occasionally does some freelance writing, and maintains some misc.kids FAQs.

In her spare time, Colleen likes to exercise at the Fitness Connection for Women, usher at the UF Center for Performing Arts, read and sew. She serves as homemaking counselor in our church's women's auxilliary. The last homemaking meeting combined various aspects of computer use with back-to-school cookie recipes for a theme of Bytes & Chips. Colleen's email address is cporter@afn.org.

PHILLIP recently returned from Vancouver, Canada, having served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He attends the University of Florida , plays tuba in the Gator Band, and lives in a shack two blocks from campus. He directs the choir for his church congregation.

JULIA, known on the IRC as Kali, is one of the founding presidents of the local newsgroup afn.UI. She is a freshman at the University of Florida . She is also a lab assistant in a research lab.

REBECCA, known on the freenet as Eowyn, is an amazing artist, individual dresser, wonderful cook and good student. Her senior class voted her "most unique"

ELAINE likes dancing, drawing, watching "Arthur" and reading books. She is learning to play the piano.

LORISSA graduated from Joy School, loves kindergarten, and is a delight.