The Cuba Project

Welcome to Passport Office Hell in Vancouver, where Tod Maffin began his Cuban journey. ("Please take a seat. We'll be with you in June.")

Taken from the balcony of Santa Maria church in Santiago de Cuba. Almost every photo, letter, or postcard received from Anglican friends in other countries is put on the wall. This balcony overlooks the main chapel.

The inside of Todos Los Santos (All Saints) in Guantanamo.You can see the empty fan rods in the ceiling which used to have fans, but thieves keep breaking in to steal them. This is the largest Anglican congregation in Cuba and has about 100 - 150 average Sunday attendance.

A priest's car, marked with the Diocesan symbol, as required by law in Cuba.

Carlos (right), a 28-year-old Archdeacon, is one of the priests who minister to residents of Cuba's AIDS sanitoriums. On the door of Carlos' home is a poster which reads "The only thing which separates the Anglican Church from people with AIDS." Below the headline is a photo of a welcome mat.

Anglicans Online founding webmaster Tod Maffin introduces the Archdeacon of Camaguey to the new e-mail network for the diocese - "Red Episcopal". It was one of five Archdeaconary offices wired by the project.

And you thought your church's BCP collection was getting old? These are likely some of the best copies in the whole country. Many parishes simply can not afford them at all.

The outside of Todos Los Santos, with the Cuban equivelant of the Anglican Church Women's group.