these engines are relativley reliable and can last a long time if you have the patience to work with them. expect carb trouble. Tecumseh Power Sport Series: Power Sport engines from Tecumseh Power are the industry standard for fun kart and other recreational vehicle applications. Each is ready for rugged off-road fun, deriving its power from an intake design that combines high-flow cylinder heads with dual element air filtration. Our two most powerful engines also feature a cast-iron cylinder liner and bronze bushings for heavy-duty reliability. Above all, we designed Tecumseh Power Sport engines for safe operation in rugged off-road service.

Tecumseh Enduro Series: With more than 20 different engine options from compact 2-cycle engines to robust OHV 4-cycle engines, Tecumseh Power has you covered for everything from chippers, shredders, edgers and augers to pressure washers, tillers, pumps and generators. Each features reliable starting and operation thanks to our Hot-Spark™ Technology starting system and load-responsive governors. Plus, engines designed for hand-held applications are balanced for proper weight distribution and reduced vibration. Designed for extended life, Enduro® XL utility engines feature dual element air cleaners and cast iron cylinder liners.