Hello world! Welcome to Vivosaur.com. This sight is based on the wild Vivosaurs living on Vivosaur Island. The process starts with an extremely important cycle known as the revival process. As all Master Fighters know (which i am) is the easiest and only way to get Vivosaurs. Fossil Fighters has Elements. The Five Elements are Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Neutral. So at the beginning you start out with one vivosaur, Spinax(SPINE-axe). Now it's not what you expect the little capsule to be. It' actually kind of like a big coin that carries your Vivosaurs around so you dont have like 35 Vivosaurs just walking around with you. So after the dramatic Revival screen shows up, I think you get your fighter license and rank up. So after you rank up, you get to go to a practice dig site.

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