Boss Summaries

////////// = hardest

/ = extremely easy


First battle

/// =

Second battle


He rides on a clay bird the whole battle so you have to use a smack-down attack ,

and then he until he is out of chakra and then you can hit him all you want until he is defeated.

He will also throw clay spiders and snakes at you [ they are explosive].



First battle


Second battle


He will spit out snakes so my best advice is to use block-breakers to wear him out

to avoid the snakes and to get this battle over with . He also has a kunai launch attack, but you can prevent it

with a block-breaker.



First battle


Second battle


He has a blade called Shark-skales which can take your chakra and will be added to his bar.

Try to run at him and jump at the start of the battle and use block-breakers so you

can avoid his attack[it's like an advanced block-breaker].




Now it's starting to get more tough... I would suggest trying to corner him but even if you do,

he can use strings to swing and kick at you. I would strongly advise you to use a rasen shuriken

when he is worn out.




Tobi seems to teleport way too much. Only about 20% of the time you can attack,

but, same with him. Try to wear him out and use powerful special moves, because it's

your only chance.




Pretty easy for a very late boss, just wear him out using block-breakers

and use a sage rasen shuriken.




He can make a sharingan shield, and if you enter it he sends you into a shadow-illusion

with an archer. He can use a chidori blade an fire-style jutsu.


Dark Naruto

He basically uses your moves but he thinks differently than you.