Minecraft is a sandbox indie game made entirely on the environment basis of blocks. A pixelated, old style graphical game that became perhaps one of the more world-renouned games alongside the mighty

Call Of Duty franchise and the craze of unity engine indie games started in large by the creepypasta slender legends and game. Being a game of infinite possibilities, a thriving community that brings players

around the world from America to far China, and a sort of freeplay game setup that has no end, why wouldn't it gain such recognition? Well, no end if you don't count the dimension, of course. Created by the

Mojang crew headed by Markus Perrson and Jens Bergenstein in Sweden, better known as Notch and Jeb, the game went through many versions over the years, beginning with Minecraft alpha, the secret friday

updates, Beta, 1.8, the hight of Minecraft, redstone, enchanting, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5.2, and with the current update that added horses in 1.6. Minecraft has thrived within its community made up of the many different

social networks such as utube and the Minecraft Wiki, spreading popularity among all ages and countries. You will often be suprised at the amount of family and friends in your community you will discover play

Minecraft. Many users on utube suck as SkyDoesMinecraft, the YogCast and others who are well known spread information about the community on updates, mods, servers, texture packs, etc. And with

inspirational ingame music by artist C418, those who live for music are drawn to Minecraft with memorable theme music.


In singleplayer mode, The player, a blocky steve, of which the skin can be changed later, spawns in a random area of wilderness, with only the pixelated clothes on their back. They have 15 minutes before the

deadly night comes to prepare, gathering wood for a crafting table. They mine for coal and iron for smelting and armor making and torches for lighting. They then build a shelter and survive the night with zombies,

arrow shooting skeletons, crawling spiders, exploding green creatures called creepers that do not burn in sunlight, and tall, black endermen with purple eyes from the end dimension that teleport and attack when

looked at. The player has many achievements through life here, such as the finding of diamonds for armor, weapons and enchanting, going to the hellish Nether dimension for brewing, and killing the fearsome

ender dragon in the End to aquire its egg as a trophy to put in their enourmous castle they built. Gathering ores in great wealth for construction and the many music disks for Minecraft are short but fun side

achievements. There is also a gamemode called creative in which the player can fly and pull items from thin air, and build to his hearts content with no death. But such a gamemode get boring easily as it can

never obtain the thrill of building the castle through hard work. Still, singleplayer itself does not begin to scratch the tip of the iceburg.


The vast realms and servers of Minecraft offer an abundance in activities and new game experiences. Mini-game servers offer PvP at the click of a button. Games such as zombie survival, the Survivial

Games/Hunger Games, Parkour, gteam deathmatch, paintball, spleef, the walls, and many more offer whole new experiences in gaming on the fly and leveling up. There is also the most well known and

classic Mnecraft server: Straight up survival. With a spawn and a map to explore, one can have many memoral experiences with plugins such as Bukkit that add teleporting commands, a convenient tool for

getting around ones world. The factons plugin makes it possible to band together with friends, claim your base land, grow, and conquer, with clashing faction wars to remember. Plugins that allow pvp enhancers

such as the ability to obtain an enemy head have birthed bloodlusting war mongers and headhunters in many servers. Other unique server experiences exist as well, such as servers where you can battle the

zombie apocolypse in an abandoned city with guns, Create a thriving town on a survival server, or venture down to the darkest caves to encounter the mythical Herobrine, a haunting player ghost with the default

skin and white pupiless eyes, said to be the lost dead brother of Notch, the gamemaker.


NOTICE: The quality and volume of this webpage is poor due to limited time, I'm using a "USER-FRIENDLY" Mac, and the fact that I really don't give a care because I'm doing this as a project for a summer camp DreamWeaver class. Perhaps

in the near future when I have time, i'll develope it into a source for online game-related material and media.




A sort of randomly generated underground cavern i would like to see:


My view of minecraft before enchanting:

A nice idea: powerful but short lived metal knives that you can use with a takedown command

summoned from your inventory at the click of a button like the takedowns in Far Cry 3:

Explosive Arrows: this must happen :)

Hanglider: oh yes:

Morphine: can keep hits taken from stopping you in your sprint as you feel less pain:

More dangerous zombies as in faster ones and crawlers: