Today I will be telling you about my experience at College for Kids.

On the first day I was nervous because I didn't see lots of familiar faces at all.

I then signed in and got my schedule my first class was Curiosty of Chemistry.

I looked for someone holding a sign with my class and I found them standing.

When I got to Chemistry I saw that there were very cool chairs

So I sat in one and they spun and moved.I loved it so much spinning in the chairs!

That day we had to make a LED light light up using a lemon and some nails and pennies.

We split into a couple groups and we worked.It was hard trying to make a lemon light something up.

In the end only one group lit their light up using the lemons.Even though our group failed it was fun!


My next class was Photo Shop Fun.So I found my teacher and waited for the others.

We then left to go on the computers.That day we really didn't do that much at all.Except take pictures on Photo Booth.

The next class I had was Around the World in 8 Days

When everyone came we left to go to the classroom.In the beginning we had to introduce ourselves.

That day we learned about Antartica and the animals and weather.

After that we headed to lunch.

Morning | Lunch | Afternoon | Last class