My Experience At Santa Fe College For Kids 2013


This year at Santa Fe College in Gainseville, FL I decided to go to college for kids. A few of my favorite classes that I took are flag football, ultimate frisbee, and rocket building. This is my first year at this summer camp. It lasts Monday-Thursday for two weeks and there are two sessions. I am going to the first session at this camp. You can either come for a half of a day or a full day, I am going for a full day. There are six periods a day each lasting a little over a hour. For my first period I am taking flag football, for second period I am taking ultimate frisbee, for my third period I am taking around the world in 8 days, for my fourth period I am taking web design 101, for fifth period I am taking paper crafting, and for sixth period I am taking rocket building. There are 52 classes available in all but there are only about 13-15 classes available a period.



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