-controlls for beginner

to move forword hold down w on yory keybord

hold a to move left

hold s to move backwards

hold d to move right

press the space the space bar to jump

press the space bar twice to fly

when yor flying press the space bar twice again to drop down

when your flying hold the space bar to go up

click to attack

right click to place blocks

if you have comands allowed press shift to type a comand

press esc on the top left of your to go to the in game menu



diamand is a vaulble re source you should craft things with diamond .

build a house out of wood brick dirt or stone .

make tools to help you a axe is used to chop down trees a sword is used to deafeat enemeys a picaxe is used used mine resourses under ground a shovel is used to break dirt.

use a bed to sleep at night.

use a jukebox to play music.

use a crafting table to craft items.

in creative use eggs to spawn monsters.

to get obsidein mix lava and water.

use obsidein to make a nether portale

in the nether you can make a end portale

ender man can tellport

zombie pigman have gold swords

people call gold butter

inchant a bow so you can shoot flaming araows