This year's camp activities

Web design 101

Web desgn is the class that I am taking to be able to make this website. Everything on this page has been written in web design class. This class has been a really awesome learning experience for me, especially because I usually don't get to work with this kind of technology. Using Adobe Dreamweaver and html (the computer's code), I was able to create everything on this website. It was so cool being able to create a website, and it was a really exciting experience. Just remember: if it weren't for this class, none of what is on this webpage would be here.

Fantastic Fungus

In this fantastic class, I have been learning a ton about the fascinating world of fungi, which is the kingdom which includes mushrooms, mold, and yeast. Fungus lives entirely off of what they are growing on. I found this class very enjoyable because it was informative, filled with activities, and the teacher was nice and had a good sense of humor. Thanks to this class, I wouldn't have become very interested in the amazing world of fungus.

Pencil Drawing

I love drawing, so this class was especially fun for me. We got to learn special shding techniques, ways to draw cartoony art, and ways to drawfrom what you are looking at and make it look just as realistic. During pencil drawing, we had a ton of fun since it was very loose so we got to mess around a lot and have fun drawing professional-looking works of art. In this class, I was able to draw a three-dimensional-looking picture of Mario based off of a picture from the game. I had a whole lot of fun doing this, and it might have been my favorite class.