Last year's camp activities

Bio/Chem Lab

This class was very fun for me, especially since I really like science. It was very educational, and I learned a whole lot about atoms and genes and other things that most kids don't learn until they're at least in seventh grade. I remember learning all about how certain traits are passed down from parent to offspring, how atoms make up our world, and how the inner details off plant and animal cells, such as chloroplasts and RNA. It was truly an enjoyable way to start my day.


Even though I already knew how to play a little bit of guitar, I did learn quite a bit about guitar playing from this class. Since I already had some experience in guitar playing, I was ahead of the class, so instead of actually learning the chords and notes, I was able to perfect them. This class gave me some time to really improve on my guitar skills, and encouraged me to start taking actual private guitar lessons. Thaks to last year's guitar class, I am now a pretty good guitar player.

Illustrate with the Illustrator

In the Illustrate with the Illustrator class, I learned how to use what is probably one of the most advanced pieces of technology that I have ever worked with: Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is a really cool program that ets you basically illustrate anything you want using the tools provided. With the basic shapes, gradients complete color palettes, flare tools, and tons of other things that you can use, you can make an image so realistic that it looks like something taken by a professional photographer. It's really incredible how it works, and it was so amazing to know that I gained a very cool technological skill.