Camp Crystal Lake 3 activities

I'm in the car heading to Camp Crystal can't wait. I'm going to tell you guys about three awesome activities in Camp Crystal such as archery, ropes , and camp craft.I hope you will like it.


Archery is a pretty cool sport once you get the hang of it. It takes a lot of skill and power to handle the bow. There are six commands to the bow.You also have to be very

wise with the bow.There are different pound bows to shoot.there are lefty bows and righty bows.There are also 15,25,24,34,28 pound bows.If you get bored from shooting

normal targets then try shooting cowbells with fluflu's.Fluflu's are these types of arrows that you can shoot the cowbells with.It's really epic.If you can shoot far then try hitting

the skytarget.It's an accomplishment to hit the skytarget.When you hit the skytarget they give you a marker and you get to right your name where your arrow landed on it.During

the graduation they award the most respectfull,responsible,kindest,brave,and most helpful person gets the golden arrow.Thats it for achery.We will now start the next topic.


Next, we will be telling you about ropes.Ropes was a really awesome class in my opinion.The day we first went to ropes class the instructers taught us how to put our harnesses

and helmets.The first week of ropes class we climed a tower called the Alpine Tower.The Alpine Tower has many parts of it that you can climb such as the firecrackers,carma chair,

leap of faith,and seesaw.The second week we climbed something called the tree house.The tree house was almost like the alpine tower but,the alpine tower was bigger and had

more stuff on it.The things they had on the tree house was the corrporate ladder,the tight rope and a couple more things.Ropes was a really extremelly fun class.I hope you take it

some time.


Last we will be telling you about Camp Craft.If you were lost out in the woods and could not find a way out then you should take the class Camp Craft.Camp Craft is a class that

teaches you all the survival skills that you should learn to survive out in the woods.