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Zombie Weapons SurvivalWhen the zombie apocalypse hits. How prepared will you be? What kind of zombie weapons and survival gear do you want at your side? The average person might think a few guns and a few hundred rounds, but the truth is the real survivors will be the ones with real all around weapon mastery. We are talking slicing, bashing, piercing, and of course firing



But obviously since you are reading this you already know this, and are someone who plans ahead, because when Armageddon strikes, what ever form it comes by, you don’t want to be scrambling for makeshift weapons, you want the best possible combination of weapons, tools, and gear ready to go

What is a Zombie Weapon?

When we say zombie weapon, we are referring to a weapon that can effectively and quickly dispose of the undead, But more importantly we are referring to the right zombie weapon and survival tools for the endless situations you may find yourself in, in a post zombie apocalyptic world. Such as:


How to find the right Z weapon that meets your needs

What you will find on this website are individual ratings comparisons & reviews on our favorite zombie ready weapons and gear. From the basic aluminum baseball bat to the legendary Katana samurai sword to the most appropriate side-arm and more.

Ultimate Post apocalyptic Weapon Comparison guide

I understand when the crap hits the fan, you wont have the luxury of browsing ebay or amazon online or waltzing into your local walmart or hunting supply store, unless you don’t mind competing against ten thousand other crazed, desperate, panicking individuals who never made it a priority to prepare either.

To give you a head start on collecting your armory and the necessary gear we put together this site to narrow down your selection in each weapon category taking in consideration, usefulness, quality, durability and cost effectiveness.

Happy zombie hunting!