Hexxit Guide

Basic Survival

Whenever you start out in Hexxit, you should hurry and make stone tools. After creating those, explore the world for some surface minerals. It's actually incredibly easy to get diamonds, but the FIRST thing to make with them should be an enchanting table. Then, after enchanting fortune 3 on the pickaxe, you should craft some Iron armour, and a Diamond Giantsword. Look at Rei's Minimap and look around for a Battle Tower ( Fig. 1). It does'nt matter what type of tower it is. It can be any potentially any block and you'll still getting pretty good loot.

Figure 1

You should conquer a couple of these and other types of special spawning areas. One key tip is that you MUST HAVE many backpacks. They save a ton of space and a lot of time. Try to make some type of grappling hook, ( Hookshoots or Longshoots)and especially some Cloud boots. A Chocobo is unmandatory, but probably makes it easier to get to all the places. After conquering a lot of these dungeons and such, you have two routes to go. The Creating Route, or The Adventuring Route.

The Creating Route

This route is most likely the route that allows you to get good armour. You should have gotten Scale Armour or something like that. If not, then you need to try to get Hexical Essence . Then, craft it into Hexical Diamonds. They will allow you to craft Extremely good armour, and will help you a LOT along the way. There are three sets of armour that are really good- Tribal, Theif, and Scale. Scale gives Stremgth, Resistance, and Fire Resistance 2. Tribal gives Night Vision, Strength, and Jump Boost 3. Theif gives Night Vision, and Strength. BUT!!! It doesn't say i, but it gives you ULTRA speed. Then, do the Adventuring Route.


The Adventuring Route

This Route is the route that most explorers take. Just sprint around the world, looting chests, upgrading your items, and destroying areas. Don't forget about stuff in the nether! Good Luck out in the world!

Special Thanks to: Dillon Webb