Ron Thomas

I began training in Cuong Nhu in 1983. I earned my black belt in 1988, Shodan in 1989, Nidan in 1994 and Sandan in 2007. My primary instructors were Sensei Carolyn Frazier and Master Ngo Dong. I owe a debt of gratitude to many other senseis who have helped me, including Karen Keisling, Howie Milwich, Ulysses Ellis, my wife Denise Guerin, and all the instructors at Cypress School and the Center (now Tallest Tree), past and present.

There are many things to enjoy about Cuong Nhu - the family atmosphere, the variety and quality of techniques - but the thing I like the most is to teach Cuong Nhu, at any rank. I hold a Master's degree in Educational Media and Instructional Design, which helps with the theoretical aspects, but I also like to give something back to the style and see the look on a student's face when they master a technique. In 1991 I produced a videotape on the history of Cuong Nhu, entitled 20 Years of Cuong Nhu in the United States.

I am employed at the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences as Coordinator of Distance Education for the Center for Online Learning and Technology. You can e-mail me at