Denise Guerin

I started my training in Cuong Nhu with Sensei Carolyn Frazier in 1983. I earned my Black Belt in 1987, Shodan in 1988, Nidan in 1991, Sandan in 1997, Yondan in 2007 and Godan in 2013. Senseis Howie Milwich and Karen Keisling have also played an integral part in my training as well as many other great senseis too numerous to mention. I have organized several tournaments at the University of Florida (1989-1991) and continue to organize Martial Arts Night, a showcase of Gainesville area martial arts groups, also sponsored by the University of Florida.

I was born in Vero Beach, Florida May 1, 1957 and moved to Gainesville in 1975 to go to school. I graduated with a BS in Wildlife Ecology in 1980 and a MS in Botany (with a Soils minor) in 1988. I currently teach Biology and Ecology at Santa Fe Community College. I'm married to Sensei Ron Thomas and we have twin daughters, Kelly and Elena Thomas. Kelly and Elena earned their black belts in May 2007. You can e-mail me at