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CFCAA introduces CALL-IN -- Community Action Living and Learning Information Network -- problem-solving for self-sufficiency in an interdependent world.

Our primary mission is to address the needs of the poverty population. The National Association of Community Action Agencies invites people of all income levels to participate in a Community-Wide Dialogue on Poverty. Central Florida Community Action Agency assists with problem-solving for student financial aid.

Computer skills are part of basic literacy in a global economy; making computers accessible in low-income areas will increase self-sufficiency, and help prevent homeless children from falling behind in school. Educational games involving young people will help prepare them for success in the information age.

Every community in the Central Florida Community Action Agency district is invited to develop its own CALL-IN (Community Action Living and Learning Information Network) Center, with training and technical support from CFCAA. Students and faculty at local educational institutions are invited to help develop distance learning activities to meet the real needs of real people. Every activity is designed in partnership with people living in poverty, helping them to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes to achieve self-sufficiency. As these activities become available, CALL-IN will provide an ever-expanding menu of online learning.

Supporting organizations include:

Central Florida Community Action Agency

Serving Alachua, Levy and Marion Counties

220 North Main Street, Suite C . PO Box 1503 . Gainesville, Florida 32602 . 352-373-7667
In Marion & Levy Counties . 1-800-732-3018 .