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1896 - 1996

The Centennial is a chance for everyone to make a personal gift to Srila Prabhupada on his 100th birthday. Whether it's an individual offering or a group project, you'll get the most from this special occasion if you personally participate. We have organized these celebration ideas into 12 "petals," or areas of spiritual concentration.
Here are some ideas to help us all remember and better serve Krishna's pure devotee, but don't be limited by these suggestions. Your offering to Srila Prabhupada should be from the heart; it's your sincere devotion that will please him most!

Index of Topics
  1. Increasing Prabhupada Consciousness
  2. Raising Spiritual Standards
  3. Uniting Prabhupada's Family
  4. Strengthening Management
  5. Spreading the Holy Name
  6. Producing and Distributing Books
  7. Expanding Prasadam Distribution
  8. Special Achievements
  9. Building Congregations
  10. Establishing Memorials
  11. Enhancing ISKCON's Reputation
  12. Centennial Festivals
  13. Global Padayatra Week
  14. World Holy Name Day
  15. Maha Vyasa Puja
  16. Bhaktivedanta Institute 2nd World Congress
  17. Srila Prabhupada Book Marathon
  18. Temple Renovation and Events
  19. Centennial North America Office
  20. North American Centennial Petal Coordinators

Increasing Prabhupada Consciousness

1. Attend Prabhupada Nights at your local temple.
2. Subscribe to the Prabhupada Toshani magazine.
3. Hold a bhajan for Prabhupada; invite others to join.
4. Offer your food to Prabhupada daily in your home.
5. Cook for Prabhupada in the temple once a week.
6. Renew or make vows on Vyasa-puja day 1996, with a fire sacrifice if possible.
7. Worship a murti of Srila Prabhupada at home.
8. Host a Prabhupada Night and invite your friends.
9. Get a book and glasses for Prabhupada's murti, or
fan him during Bhagavatam class at your temple.
10. Make a garland of 100 flowers for Prabhupada.
11. Wear a Prabhupada T-shirt every Saturday.
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Raising Spiritual Standards

12. Organize a maha clean-up of the temple kitchen or pujari room. Meditate on cleansing your heart.
13. Support local brahmacaris and brahmacarinis; buy them socks, medicines, an alarm clock, etc.
14. Increase your attendance at temple programs.
15. Read 100 lines daily from Prabhupada's books.
16. Improve the quality and number of your rounds.
17. Increase the quality of your sadhana through study, association, and prayer.
18. Increase your level of surrender to Lord Krishna.
19. Read books on improving japa and Deity worship.
20. Memorize 10 key verses from the Bhagavad-gita.
21. Make a list of 10 positive goals to improve your spiritual character and quality of self-realization.
22. Vow to limit non-spiritual activities like TV, etc.
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Uniting Prabhupada's Family

23. Make sure your name and address are on the Project Unity database. Call ( 800 ) 205-6108 and include friends and family on the database.
24. Organize family-support & community services for
closer personal relations in your congregation.
25. Go to a devotee reunion at a big ISKCON center.
26. Reach out to devotees who cannot visit the temple.
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Strengthening Management

27. Volunteer your professional skills to the
nearest temple (accounting, fund raising,
editing, computing, etc.).
28. Attend local Centennial meetings.
29. See the temple president with your ideas.
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Spreading the Holy Name

30. Invite friends and neighbors to chant one
round of the maha-mantra with you daily.
31. Go on harinama or start one in your community.
32. Expand harinama (follow suggestions from the national guidelines for Spreading the Holy Name ).
33. Start a harinama bank by chanting rounds and encourage others to join you.
36. Chant along with a tape of Srila Prabhupada.
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Producing and Distributing Books

37. Vow to distribute 100 books by maha Vyasa-puja.
38. Join with your friends to start a Prabhupada Library.
Call the Bhaktivedanta Archives (910) 871-3636 .
39. Write your own memoirs of Srila Prabhupada and share them with the nearest Centennial Office.
40. Buy a full set of Prabhupada's books for your home, or order a set for your loved ones.
41. Donate Prabhupada's books to local libraries and schools (or, request them to stock key volumes).
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Expanding Prasadam Distribution

42. Begin an ongoing Sunday feast program at your home.
43. Start a prasadam distribution program at public areas near you, such as highway rest stops, parks, malls, etc.
44. Start up (or help run) a Food for Life program.
45. Become a member of an "Adopt-a-Cow" program at your nearest ISKCON farm community.
46. Sponsor a major festival or Sunday feast at your temple.
47. Send a donation to Food for Life: ( 301 ) 299-8864 .
48. Cook prasadam and distribute it to your neighbors, nearby schools, or needy people.
49. Donate fresh fruits, grains, nuts, spices and milk products to your nearest temple. Grow it if you can.
50. Serve out 100 plates of prasadam (at a feast).
51. Mail prasadam to all your loved ones (temple
52. Invite friends to share prasadam at your home.
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Special Achievements

53. Spend 100 hours working for a local or national Centennial committee.
54. Read a volume of a Prabhupada biography each month until 1996.
55. Chant 100 extra rounds by 1996 (about 8 extra rounds per month for one year).
56. Help devotees meet goals for 100 Padayatras in 100 countries, 100 Food for Life programs, 100 million books distributed, 100 Prabhupada libraries.
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Building Congregations<

57. Start a Hare Krishna Satsang (home program) with your friends and relatives.
58. Start or help produce a local congregational
59. Develop or expand a Hare Krishna Sunday School.
60. Create or help run a Krishna youth club or kids' camp (Indian or American).
61. Start a reading contest, form a discussion group, or develop a reading room for your congregation.
62. Invite 10 people to join your congregation and inspire existing members to become more active.
63. Watch Prabhupada and Krishna videos with your friends and neighbors.
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Establishing Memorials

64. Establish a Prabhupada Memorial Library in your home or neighborhood.
65. Research where Prabhupada stayed or walked in your area. Write an account of his visits and words .
66. Create a register of all devotees and members ever based at your temple, include initiation dates .
67. Build a local, historical memorial for Prabhupada .
68. Plant a commemorative tree in a public place and send the photos to the Centennial Office.
69. Make donations to the samadhis in India.
70. Preserve or display any special Prabhupada
memorabilia that you own.
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Enhancing ISKCON's Reputation

71. Develop Centennial preaching programs about Srila Prabhupada's life and books for schools.
72. Schedule public TV shows and announcements for local broadcast. For help, call ISKCON Communicatons at (301) 299-9707 .
73. Be a public relations representative of ISKCON Communications for your temple.
74. Write a local Centennial news article for BTG, IWR, or the Centennial Newsletter.
75. Establish good PR and recognition for your temple .
76. Place articles on Prabhupada and ISKCON in local newspapers. ISKCON Communications can help.
77. Contact IWR with local newspaper articles on Prabhupada's Centennial Celebration.
78. Wear a dhoti or sari with tilak while doing errands
and give books to interested people.
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Celebrating 1996 Events

79. Help set up and go to events like Padayatra, World Holy Name Day, Feed the World Day, Grand Vyasa-puja Day and reunions. Record the events with videos, tapes and photos then send copies to IWR, BTG, or the National Centennial Office.
80. Plan events, schedule local activities for every month, and circulate a calendar (include Prabhupada Nights). Events can also highlight different milestones in Prabhupada's life.
81. Go to a major city festival near you: NYC, San Francisco, LA, Atlanta, Toronto, Vancouver, etc.
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Centennial Festivals

82. Go to the Gaura Purnima Festival in India with Prabhupada's murti installation at the Mayapur Samadhi, the greatest Navadvip Parikrama, devotee reunions and the Ratha-yatra and 100-country parade in Calcutta. Plan for the Vrindavan festival too.
83. Volunteer time and resources to the Centennial (local, national or international).
84. Go to the Centennial Festival in New York .
(June 5-17)
85. Help with Centennial exhibits at book fairs and spiritual conferences.
86. Hold Centennial Festivals in your community and include "appreciation dinners" to honor the devotees and members from your congregation.
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Global Padayatra Week (June 2-8)

87.Organize and join Padayatra or kirtana marches,planned locally, nationally, or internationally.
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World Holy Name Day (June 9)

88. Participate in a 24-hour kirtana or maha harinama.
89. Host an interfaith event to share common traditions.
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Maha Vyasa-puja (September 5)

90.Sponsor a Kalash pot of sacred water, gatherred from 1008 holy sites for Maha-abhishek on Vyasa-puja Day.
91. Attend Vyasa-puja and bring a special gift or poem.
92. Be a devotee delegate for your country to Calcutta,
give a small speech and invite VIPs from your area.
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Feed the World Day (November 23)

93. Organize an all-day feast at your temple or town hall.
94. Distribute prasadam to needy people in your area.
95. Deliver a prasadam meal to your local radio station (with a fact sheet). This may encourage the D. J. to announce the event, talk about it, or interview you.
96. Help the nearest Hare Krishna restaurant organize a publicity event, offering free or specially priced meals (these events will be publicized nationwide).
97. Schedule talks about prasadam at schools or colleges.
98. Set up an information display at a nearby library.
99. Advertise or promote any events held near you.
100. Attend locally organized Feed the World Day events.
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BI Conference Calcutta (Jan 6-12 '97)

101. Sponsor a delegate to the Bhaktivedanta Institute conference. Or, send a contribution!
(904) 462-0466
102. Advertise and promote BI events at local universities.
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Srila Prabhupada Book Marathon (December 1996)

103. Sponsor billboards or ads in newspapers to promote sales of Srila Prabhupada's books.
104. Distribute books in the Prabhupada Marathon .
105 . Attend the Gita Jayanti fire sacrifice at your temple.
106. Arrange a lecture at a local school or university.
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Temple Renovation and Events (Ongoing)

107. Help organize and join in your temple's renovation.
108. Become a committee member and help organize 1996 temple festivals, highlighted by famous entertainers and special guest appearances.

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North American Centennial Office 1-800-205-6108 (N. America)
Phone (904) 462-0436 * Fax (904) 462-0550
COM: Ramiya.acbsp@ISKCON.COM
P.O. Box 1987, Alachua, FL 32615, USA

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Petals & Coordinators :
Increasing Prabhupada Consciousness : Sarvasatya dasa
(904) 462-5054 * c/o ISKCON World Review,
P.O. Box 238, Alachua, FL 32615

Raising Spiritual Standards : Bhakti Raghava Swami
(514) 527-3835 * 1626 Pie 1X Blvd.,
Montreal, Quebec H1V 2C5, Canada

Uniting Prabhupada's Family : Ramiya dasa
North American Centennial Office ( See above )

Strengthening Management &
Offering Special Achievements : Naveen Krishna dasa
(904) 462-2310 * P.O. Box 1119, Alachua, FL 32615

Spreading the Holy Name : Bhaktitirtha Swami
(301) 261-4493 * 3200 IZY Way Harwood, Md 20776

Producing and Distributing Books : Svavasa dasa
(310) 204-5235 * c/o N. American BBT
3764 Watseka Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034

Expanding Prasadam Distribution : Priyavrata dasa
(301) 299-8864 * 10310 Oaklyn Dr., Potomac, MD 20854

Building Congregations : Sudharma dasi
(904) 462-2306 * P.O. Box 2038, Alachua, FL 32615

Establishing Memorials : Vishvambar dasa
(919) 644-1291
200 -14B Chesire Dr., Hillborough, NC 27278

Enhancing ISKCON's Reputation : Bhaktitirtha Swami
( See above ) & Anutamma dasa ( See below )

Celebrating 1996 Events : Sudharma dasi ( See above )

ISKCON Communications : Anutamma dasa
(301) 299-9707
10310 Oaklyn Dr., Potomac, MD 20854

ISKCON Youth Ministry : Bhakti Raghava Swami
[Indian Youth] ( See above ) & Hari Puja dasi [Gurukula]
(904) 462-5805 * P.O. Box 1445, Alachua FL 32615

Making New Devotees : Gunagrahi Goswami
(619) 581-2279 * 1030 Grand Ave., Pacific Beach, Ca 92100

North American Education : Murlivadaka dasa
(904)462-5153 * P.O. Box 819, Alachua, FL 32615

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1896 - 1996

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